Friday, January 6, 2012

Little ways to say I LOVE YOU.

I'm busting open my Valentine decor next week.  I can't take it any longer.  I've got all things HEARTS on the brain.  So much to craft.  So much to bake.  Valentine's ranks as ONE of my most favorite holidays.  {Ok...they ALL are!} has 20 fun ‘twists on the timeless message your kids need to hear every day’.  Such cute ideas here.  So many fun things you could incorporate with Valentine's Day. Among my favorite:

Be there. When your child talks to you, don't just say "mm-hmm" while you read the newspaper or concentrate on paying bills. Make eye contact and listen. Your full attention is a gift of love.

Love potion. For kids over age 4, put heart-shaped red-hot candies in an ice-cube tray and fill with water. Freeze, then place a few cubes in your child's 
drink, or empty the tray into a bowl of fruit punch.

Sea of love. Take several brand-new sponges in all colors, and trace hearts onto them with cookie cutters of various sizes. Cut out the hearts, and scatter them in the tub after you've filled it. (For safety's sake, do this only for kids ages 4 and over -- sponges can easily tear into pieces, creating a choking hazard for younger children.)

Click HERE to see all 20 ideas.  

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