Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Wedneday {all about JOE!}

It's my hub-sters bday today.  The big 3-4.  {When did we both get so old?} In keeping with the theme of the day being ALL ABOUT JOE {smile}....I'm doing my Random Wednesday today.....JOE STYLE.  Random.....funny facts about my better half.  Strap on your seatbelts! 

  1. *While giving birth to Grant....I was literally in the middle of pushing when Joe told the nurse to hang on just a minute....he had to go to the bathroom.  And we’re not talking number 1.  He actually LEFT the room and went DOWN the hall because he had to go number 2 and it couldn’t wait.  Seriously. I held pushing Grant out....just so he could go number 2.  Lets just say he’s lucky he made it back in time. 

  2. *Joe prides himself in being a ‘comic genius’.  Sometimes I catch him practicing  jokes in front of the mirror.  He gets embarrassed when I catch him but according to him...”the joke is all in the delivery”.  I guess that’s why so many people find him funny.  Practice makes perfect :)

  3. *He eats ANYTHING.  And I mean ANYTHING.  Think.....cheeseburger from QT.  Or......nasty day old hot dog from a random gas station.  He’s had it all.  (I will give him credit though for discovering the QT taquito.  Those really aren’t so bad).

    * He can spot a 'traveling gypsy' out of nowhere.  

    * He washes his cups BEFORE he uses them.  Even if it's at OUR HOUSE and they've JUST been cleaned in the dishwasher.

    * He's obsessed with styrofoam cups.

    * He idolizes Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Can you blame him?

    * Until we went on our Alaskan cruise...he pronounced the city Juneau --- as JUNE-A-OO.  

    * He didn't kiss a girl until  he was 22.  {I like to tease him about it but I'm actually quite proud!}

    * He has a weird crush on Sarah Palin.  Which is gross.  And wrong.  Especially because we're liberal.

  4. *He’s not afraid to crack a semi-vulgar joke at any given time in front of ANYONE.  In fact, he loves shock value. He’ll do whatever it takes to make someone blush.

  5. *He can take a nap at 7:00 at night and wake up at 10pm.  Work for another 4 hours and go back to bed.  He’s a night owl.  

  6. *He loves Will Ferrell as much as I do.  And Zach Galifanakis.

  7. *He’s always up for eating out.  I love him for that.  Rarely does he make me feel bad about not wanting to cook...which seems to be more often then not!

  8. *He cleans the toilets when they’re so nasty we can’t even stand to look at them anymore.  And when I say clean, he scrubs.  

  9. *He doesn’t complain when I hire the cleaning lady.  He actually enjoys her as much as I do. (Thank goodness!)

    * He always knows when I'm in need of a soda.

    * He likes Disneyland {or pretends to} as much as me!  

    *  He treats my family like gold.

    *  He treats his family like gold.

    * He treats our family like gold.

  10. *He would do ANYTHING to help ANYONE out. He is CONSTANTLY thinking of others.  Many a times, he has dropped what he was doing and gone to help a family member, a church friend or a neighbor and has put his work on hold.

    * He's a super hard worker.  Often times people thinks he's 'got it easy' working from home but he puts in A LOT of hours earning money for our family.  Granted...most of the time it's in his pjs but...can you blame him? 

    * Since he works at home...he likes to tell people that 'sexual harrassment' is actually encouraged at his work place. OH BOY!

What more could I ask for in a husband?  Good looks. Funny sense of humor.  Kind. Compassionate.  Understanding. I could go on and on but it would probably raise the barf factor for the rest of you reading so I’ll leave it at that.  




  1. Great tribute to Joe. And yes, the practicing jokes in the mirror has payed off. He's a hoot.


  3. A few of those are Coombs traits.... The #2 when you had Grant... My family likes to call it the Coombs Curse. When you gotta go you gotta go. Many a time I have heard my Dad race into the house and SPRINT to the bathroom. It's in the genes:) Happy Birthday Joe!

  4. Happy Birthday Joe! You are one of a kind. Enjoy your day.

    Lori and Brian Millsaps

  5. Joe,

    Happy birthday! We need to get together for a cousin party or something when I make it to AZ next time.

  6. I also think point #1 and #3 may be related.........