Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday}.

Hold the applause....Random Wednesday is BACK! 

* Every single time I hear THIS song....I cry.  I love this song.  And I have no idea why I always tear up when it's played.  One of my very FAVORITE versions is THIS one.

* Cannot WAIT for The Voice to start back up.  Cee-Lo's tiny arms and all.

* Does anyone else think that THIS guys is THE FUNNIEST guy on TV?  Joe and I nearly pee our pants every time he has a scene on Modern Family.

* Portlandia?  Kinda love it. So goofy it's funny. Not to mention Fred Armisen is in it who I think is pretty hi-lare.

* You know those sign flippers on the corner of major intersections that usually hold an arrow to some new subdivision.  Or some big sale? They deserve a raise.  They're good.  Really good.  Yesterday I saw one doing an all out dance routine...toe touches and all...flipping that wooden arrow up and around. They're someone I'd actually roll down my window and tip.  Sign holders...if you're reading this....get a tip jar.  You could make some serious extra cash.

* Why on earth is the song "My Favorite Things" by Maria on 'The Sound of Music' considered to be a 'Christmas' song?  Why??

* I've discovered that old people at the grocery store either LOVE young moms with young kids or HATE young moms with young kids.  Today...I came across a few who HATED me.  Which kinda gets my goat because didn't at one time...these same old people have kids themselves?  And didn't they at one time know what it was like to have your kids go bizerk in the middle of a grocery aisle?  I'm just sayin...

* Speaking of being a mom....last week I was THAT mom.  Ya know. The white trash mom who realizes her child has peed all over the slide at the mall play place and doesn't have anything to clean it up with so cowardly grabs her daughter and runs to the nearest bathroom in hopes of not getting caught.  To whomever's kid slid down that slide after London....I apologize.  I was....too embarrassed to come back with paper towels.  I was afraid that all the other moms might start throwing fruit snacks at me.  

* Sometimes first thing in the morning, London will ask me if I have to go potty.  Because she smells my breath.  Isn't that gross?  And kinda funny?

* Tin-Tin.  Great movie.  But be is {sorta} violent for a PG-er.  And the plot is almost as much for adults as it is for kids.  My boys LOVED it.  And Joe and I loved it. But I wouldn't take kids under 6.  It's also a movie I would recommend in 3D.  And trust me...I'm not a fan of 3D anything.  But this one would've been good.

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