Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine decor {and a P.S.}

Our house is finally adorned in Valentine-ish everything.  One project down....a few more to craft.  Each year I like to add to my 'holiday' collection with a few new finds from here and there.  {Honestly....I can't resist!} 

Here's a peek at some of my most favorite spots throughout our house.

Chipboard letters painted with Elmers Glue and then doused in red glitter.  The white frames were $3 from Wal-mart and then I just backed them with scrapbook paper I had on hand.

Cupid Love sign is from Home Goods.

LOVE picture holder is from Target.  From like 2 years ago.

Ikea candlesticks.
Milk bottle crate from a seasonal local boutique.

Heart picks are from the $ bins at Target. 

LOVE blocks are from Target - $2.50 bins.
{They also spell out KISS and XOXO}.

Subway art from HERE. {Their free printables seriously rock}.
Notice how the left apothecary jar is running low on cinnamon hearts? Grant has had probably close to 200 of them.  Sneaky boy.

Valentine heart boxes from Home Goods.


P.S. I just noticed yesterday that I {almost} have 100 followers! did that happen?? When I started my blog I was pretty sure my mom would be the only one interested.  I'm sure I could make this blog a lot more pro-fesh but to be honest...I don't know how.  Or why.  So... to say THANK YOU for finding my little ole life a tad bit engaging.....I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY next week.  That's right.  A GIVEAWAY!!  Nothing major.  Since well, I don't consider my blog MAJOR.  But ya know...something FUN!  For all of my following peeps. Gracias.


  1. Totally love your blog and all your creative ideas.Also you are very gracious to take the time to answer my question around the cookie mix at Christmastime. Your ideas are affordable, and can be beautiful even when on a budget. Thanks- look forward to your giveaway.

  2. You have the most amazing ideas! I found your blog through pinterest and I am so glad I did! I am an advisor over the Beehives in my ward and I love to give them handouts for me lessons. I am definitely not as creative as you, but you inspire me to be more creative!

    Seriously really are so talented!!

    By the way, I LOVE Valentines as well! Love is an understatement! :)


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