Wednesday, January 4, 2012

YW 'New Years' Activity.

Last night we had a super fun activity with my church girls.  It included roasting marshmallows, a bonfire, burning up bad habits, and making New Years resolutions.

I got the clever little idea from the blog Go Forward with Faith HERE. That cute little blog also provided the FREE printables of these Ignite the Light tags.  I attached them to some $ store flashights and handed them out at the end of the activity.

I handed out these paper slips.....

...and had the girls write down AT LEAST one bad habit that they wanted to get rid of in 2012.  Once they did that, they walked over to our bonfire and threw the piece of paper in.  A symbolic way of 'burning up' their bad habits :)

I found THIS cute New Years printable over at Thirty Handmade Days and printed up a copy for each of the girls.  

They had fun filling these out and at the end, I collected em, told em I would make copies {they were afraid they might lose them} and then email them periodically throughout the year with reminders as to what they want to be working on.


  1. Your young women are so lucky to have you for their leader. I've never seen anyone who puts so much into everything you do. Darling idea.

  2. Isn't that verse from Esther, not Ether?

  3. Our yw (and ym) totally loved this! So thanks for the idea! (and darling handouts to go with it!) You are amazing!
    @emmitch- haha I thought the same thing, but its ether. I was reading the verse to my husband and said "esther" and he told me I'd been watching too many veggietales. ;)

  4. Hello, my name is Icela and I found your blog by Pinterest! Can I just tell you how much i love your cute ideas. I think its so great what you doing for these young women. I wish they had groups like this when i was a teen. I am bookmarking your blog, i truly enjoy reading and getting inspiration from your ideas.


    Icela Castillo

  5. To clarify confusion...the Book of Ether is from the Book of Mormon. The book of Esther is from the Bible. Esther only has 10 chapters, so this is from the book of Mormon rather than from the Bible.

  6. Hey, as a young woman this looks like a great way for youth to come together even more and its especially great for parents to have there kid do something in the holidays (for New Zealand at least), Wounderful idea!