Friday, February 24, 2012

Disneyland....Part 1...the Fun!

Yes..I had to divi up our Disneyland vacation into 2 different posts.  This one is all about THE FUN we had.  Part 2 is all about the TIPS and TRICKS we've discovered around and about the park.  {And we've been there.  A lot.  So we {almost} have good ole Walt figured out to a T}.

Here's how it all went down:

We loaded up the fam + 2 nephews and 1 aunt and headed to Cali on Monday to celebrate London's birthday.  She turned three so what better way than to celebrate with her idols, right?

We splurged and did the PRINCESS LUNCH at Ariel's Grotto.  A tad expensive and totally worth it.  If you have a daughter who is OBSESSED with meeting princesses...this is the way to go! get to dine on food like herb crusted chicken, tilapia, cheddar garlic mashed potatoes....

...and in London's case.....cheddar Mac n' Cheese with Goldfish sprinkled on top.....

And the dessert...OH THE DESSERT....

We were totally happy.  And so were our bellies.

As for my people watching fans out there....I only got ONE GOOD people watching picture.  And this man was MORE than happy to pose for me.

Sad thing is....we saw him again on DAY 2....decked out in the SAME EXACT attire.
Such a proud Mickey fan!

London got ahold of my phone while we were in line waiting for Mickey's Fun Wheel and little did I know...she's a People Watcher in training....check out the pic she snapped of some scantily dressed girl...

Nothing makes me prouder than a child who I can people watch with...wink!

We rode {to just name A FEW}:

Splash Mountain {Joe and the boys did...I don't like to get wet on rides}
Star Tours {so not a Star Wars fan but I LOVED THIS NEW REVAMPED ride.  FuN! FuN!}
Space Mountain {with my nephews and sister...Joe and the boys were too chicken}
Peter Pan {why on earth is that always the longest wait in Fantasy Land?!?}
Pinocchio {somewhat dark...for a 3 year old.  That whale!}
Screamin' { my nephews rode this consistently for about 20 times.  I tapped out after round 3.}
Soarin {an all time favorite!  Never gets old!!}
Small World {Jimmy Kimmel was filming right outside on one of the days we were there.  I love Jimmy Kimmel}.
Rode the train around the park {They really need to get rid of that 'Grand Canyon' tunnel thing.  It smells.  And is totally outdated}.

I may not have taken one single picture of Joe and I on this trip BUT.... I did manage to catch this footage of Cruella de Ville calling my husband out of the audience to dance on  Main Street Plaza.  It's a gem.  See for yourself.

I married him for his moves.  Can you blame me?

The best part about each and every one of our trips to Disneyland?

The smiles on our kids faces.  Totally worth every penny.

We left having had the time of our lives.  Our feet hurt...our backs ached...and we were pooped.....

....all TRUE signs of a FANTASTIC vacation!

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  1. Heaven! You have me California dreaming.

    I think the only thing more fun & entertaining than going to Disneyland, would be going to Disneyland with you.