Monday, February 6, 2012

Full Valentine mode.

We are in full Valentine mode this week at the Coombs casa.  Making up the kids' Valentines to pass out at school.....mod-podging the boys' Valentine mailboxes.....planning a small Valentine shin-dig for this weekend.......making up a few Valentine-ish crafts....whipping up pink sugar cookies....  

I did my shopping this morning for the kids' Valentine loot.  Each year we have a special Valentine breakfast on Valentine's morning.  {Note to readers:  pick up your Vday garb SOON.  Target and Wal-mart were STARTING to get a tad picked over.  Do not wait until the last minute!}  

Here's a few breakfasts from the past couple of years.  My kids always LOVE waking up to this and it is honestly SO simple to do.  The littlest things make kids happy.

The kids usually get a video game or movie of sorts to open up.

One year we had heart shaped french toast.  We've tried red pancakes before.....didn't go over so well.  

Simple centerpiece of fresh flowers with candy hearts scattered around.

Joe's table setting.  See's chocolates are a MUST for him each year.  And I don't mind because each time I go into that store...I get a FREE sample.  {So what if I go in there multiple times on one shopping visit to the mall}.

What are some of YOUR FAMILY'S Valentine traditions???

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  1. I am the camp director for our ward. I was searching for ideas and I came across your blog through pinterest. I just wanted to say Thank you for taking the time to post your ideas and activities for your young women. You are SO creative and your activities look AWESOME! Hopefully I can get something to look as put together as you can! :)
    Thanks again for sharing,