Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday}.

* Why do men find it necessary to walk {and-or} jog in short shorts?  I know, I know....they're supposed to help you run faster but come on?  Are these booty shorts really necessary for a jog around your hometown neighborhood?  Word to the male joggers out there....your friendly neighbors don't want to see your kibbles n bits hangin outta your shorts.  One or two more inches of material on your legs is NOT going to make that big of a difference.  I'm just sayin....

* Have you ever ordered a LARGE {anything} at Del Taco?  I made the mistake of this the other day and no crinkle cut fries came in a 32 OUNCE cup.  32 OUNCES!!!  Who on earth needs that many fries?

* Speaking of fast it me...or do fast food items NEVER look the same when you order they appear on the drive thru light up menu?  The burgers usually look so succulent and meaty but in reality...when you order that same burger and get it's usually withered up and dry.  They need a small print on those light up menu's that say:  Don't get your hopes up...our food really doesn't look this good.

* I find a lot of things {obnoxious} in life but you wanna know what I REALLY find obnoxious?  Loud talkers at pedicure places.  You know...the people getting their feet {and-or} hands worked on who feel the need to tell their nail tech how their weekend was and what restaurant they tried for the first about 10 decibels louder than everyone else who is speaking?  When I think of Nail Salons...I think of peaceful...airy-esque music playing, a vibrating chair {that never seems to work!} and the chance to MAYBE fall asleep for a few minutes.  You loud talkers are taking this away from me.  And it really bugs.

* Why doesn't Paradise Bakery have a drive-thru?  I mean really.  They're already making boat loads of money off of me.....if they wanted to 'up' their revenue ANY more...that's all they'd have to do....make it more convenient for us 'on-the-go' and 'too-lazy-to-get-outta-the-car' MOMs.

* The other day I went to the mall.  By myself.  With NO kiddos.  After the initial shock of bliss that I felt...I soon realized that I didn't have a stroller to hold my Diet Coke!!  I am seriously thinking that the next time this happens....I'll use my stroller to push my purse...just so I have an excuse to have something to hold my drink.  Because that cup holder is kind of a big deal when I shop. Who care's if it's a double stroller and ginormously huge?  People won't look at me funny, right??

* It's really sad when you have to put 'SHOWER' on your daily to-do list.  Yup.  That's me. I need the reminder sometimes.

* Yesterday at Subway I noticed that next month's 'Sandwich of the Month' is Jalapeno Tuna.  Jalapeno Tuna??  If that doesn't scream 'diarrhea' then I don't know what does!!  Who on earth orders that?!?

* If I could make up a job for myself...and get paid....hands down I would start a new position called 'People Watcher at Circle K' person.  I sat outside of one today while I was waiting for Joe to get our drinks and man do people fascinate me.  All they have to do is walk in....and then out....and I am mesmerized. {Not to mention....there are some straaaaange people out there}.  I shoulda taken pics. 


  1. I definitely agree with the stroller thing! I have not yet went by myself without one yet, but I can see how that is going to be a problem when I do and I totally wouldn't judge you for pushing your purse and drink :) Plus you need something to hold all the bags too!

  2. Thanks for the laugh Marci! Stroller is a must to hold the Diet Coke!

  3. I seriously agree about the Paradise Drive Thru. They charge an arm and a leg for their ridiculously good food, I'm sure they can afford to knock out part of a wall and put in a drive thru window. I've probably already paid for it in mac n cheese kids meals:) We should write them a letter.

  4. I'll make you a trade - I'll hold your drinks at the mall, if you'll let me follow you around and laugh hysterically at all your comments.