Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Contest PRIZE box.

Last week I held my first EVER blog contest.  I was SO excited to share some of my VERY FAVORITE Valentine finds this year with one lucky reader!  I wasted NO time in shipping my box out to KATIE ERB....lucky girl!!  Hope you enjoyed my loot!

Valentine melamine plates purchased from Frys.  These serve dual purposes.  To eat on...and for kids to hold as props in cute Valentine pictures.  

LOVE container purchased at The Dollar Tree.  My kids INSIST that we put candy hearts in this each year!

Take out boxes via Wal-mart

Best.  Candy.  Ever.

It's not officially a holiday unless you pour through Martha's holiday edition magazine.  So many great ideas.  I drool.

Framed Subway art courtesy of eighteen25.  

Ice cube trays....not just for ice!  They're also fun to use as jello molds!

Soda labels via Wal Mart....Because I have an obsession with covering my party drinks.  

Instant centerpiece!  Place these picks {The Dollar Tree} in a vase and you're set! Tie a cute festive bow around the vase and you're doubl-ey set!

Champagne flutes via The Dollar Tree.  We serve strawberry milk in these for our Valentine morning breakfast!

Cookie Cutter, sprinkles and treat cups via Wal-mart.  LOVE the scalloped edges on these cookie cutters.  The treat cups would be SO MUCH FUN with a hot fudge sundae inside.

I'm obsessed with holiday tablecloths.  They are a MUST with each incoming holiday.  LOVE the pattern of this one guessed it....Wal-mart!

Treat bags to fill with candy for school friends. 

I think that about covers it.  Already looking forward to an EASTER giveaway.  You better be a 'follower'! :)


  1. Fabulous picks! i am a follower and cant wait to be part of the easter give a way! :)

  2. I'm sitting here seething.........I wanted to win.

  3. And believe it or not, everything is EVEN cuter in person!! Be jealous, everyone. Be very, very jealous.

    PS - Marilyn, come back to Virgina, and I'll split it with you!