Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Dinner.

Last night we hosted a small Valentine's dinner with some of our favorite peeps.  

Allow me to give you a small taste of the evening....

I scored these porcelain bud vase napkin holders at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago on CLEARANCE!  I felt like I had hit the jackpot!!

Name settings...because yes...most of my parties include these...

As for the food....everyone was asked to bring something with the color RED in it.  

For the main dish I baked up my very favorite recipe of...

...and I can't serve my Baked Ziti without my very favorite recipe for this....

{Recipes of these will be posted next week!}

We also had {not pictured} a yummy jello salad and to die for chips and salsa!

As for the party favors...yes...again...every party needs them... I made up some of these:

So super simple and quite fun to make!  All that's needed is:

1 Clay pot
1 Clay pot saucer
1 Small glass fish bowl
Spray Paint
and of course....CANDY!

We also asked each couple to bring TWO white elephant gifts.  ONE that was NAUGHTY....and ONE that was NICE.  What a hoot we had opening these up!  

Stephanie P. Was the proud recipient of Joe and I's 'naughty' gift.....I told you we were classy!

{You can't tell but these 'fundies' have holes for FOUR legs!....I'll leave it at that!!}

I also made up a NOT-So-NEWLYWED game and we laughed our heads off playing that as well.  {Congrats Catmull' two REALLY ARE in love!}

Such a fun evening.  With such fun friends.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Your so creative.

  2. Haaaaaaaa! I need the buttercream recipe. I love the fundies. That's hysterical.