Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend happenings...

Joe and I were ON THE GO this weekend.  We are blessed.  We have such wonderful family and friends in our life.  Here's a peek of what we were up to:

Valentine Style Recipe Club...

Our friends the Greene's hosted and it was A BLAST!  We laughed so hard our tummy's hurt.  

Tiff's darling decorated table.  She had asked each of us to email her a pic of our spouses and us while we were dating or engaged.  She put those into frames and used those as our place settings.  Brill.

Yes...Joe and our much skinnier  younger!

The food was UH-MAZING!  We noshed on ....... 

This one was a new recipe that I tried and brought and it was dee-lish.  Will be posting the recipe for it tomorrow.  It's so SUPER EASY that you MUST try it!

Did you know you can buy this dip at Costco and serve it hot or cold?  It was Yum-Mo.
We also had a tasty Sugar Cookie Pizza for dessert with fresh fruit on top.  
Everything was TDF....{to die for}.

We also had our annual scandalous   White Elephant Gift Exchange..

Kirk was the lucky recipient of one of OUR gifts....a chocolate edible thong.  
We are so classy....Joe and I.

Tiff made up a SUPER FUN couples version of Minute to Win It...

Joe toppling over trying to bend down and pick up a paper bag with his teeth while not touching the ground.  Needless to say...we lost that round.

Saturday night we headed over to my parent's house for our annual 
Lamoreaux Adult Valentine Dinner. 
My mom started this tradition a few years ago and she really goes ALL OUT.  It's so much fun to get together {without kids} and eat and visit.  

Cute table settings.

She makes the ENTIRE meal.  And it is nothing short of a GOURMET feast....

We also played THIS game together.  So much fun!!!

Our weekend was also blessed with some of our VERY FAVORITE friends from UTAH!

The Knudsen's came to stay with us and my kids were in hog heaven with their bestie Kennedi.  They went non-stop all weekend long.  Already looking forward to when WE get to visit THEM this summer.

We held a little SUPER BOWL party at our house with my fam.  I tried 2 new recipes for this little shin-dig.  THIS one and THIS one.  Both SUPER tasty and recommendable.

Oh yeah....and this cute 5 year old joined the 'lost tooth' club.....

Why is Shrek and Darth Vader scowling at me from my piano?

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  1. Oh I miss you all! That Recipe Club looks so fun! Now get down here and visit me already!