Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Unity Handout.

*Update 8/2014 - - I now offer this tag as a 
FREE printable HERE!

Today I had the privilege of teaching my Young Women a lesson about 'Supporting Family Members'.
I LOVE the quote from the manual:

I saw an analogy on Sugardoodle  where they related building FAMILY UNITY to LEGO BLOCKS.  When we build a tower with legos...we need EACH block in place to make the tower work.  Once we pull just ONE block out...things start to fall.  I likened this to our FAMILY.  We need EACH member of our family on board...moms, dads, brothers, make a successful family work.

Lucky for me...I have a super fun candy store called Sweeties located close to my house.  
And guess what?  They just HAPPENED to have in stock....LEGO CANDY!  
I couldn't resist!!!


  1. I LOVE this - so borrowing it :-)

  2. I've seen Lego fruit snacks before as well!

  3. Cute FHE idea too! What a fun YW leader you are!! I still have all my handouts from Y.W. -- I know it meant a lot to me when my leaders put effort into their lessons. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  4. I'm a beehive, and I was trying to find a cute handout and I saw this on pintrest and it happened to go with the lesson I was assigned too! How Perfect! I love this!


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