Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

Technically...since cupcake batter has EGGS in classifies itself as a BREAKFAST food, right?

* If you're at the play place with your kids and you THINK that one of your kids may have a dirty diaper....please do us all a favor and take them OUTTA THERE to change them.  Please don't change them IN the play place for the rest of us to watch and smell.  Plus....that bench that you just changed your unruly child on... is SCREAMING {ecoli bacteria} now that your son's dirty bum has skidded across it. It takes a lot for me to lose my appetite...however this recent incident at the mall....definitely did it in for me.

* Hands down my favorite show on TV right now is THE VOICE.  But does it freak anybody else out watching Cee Lo  stroke his white cat every time he gives a commentary?!?  Isn't it just a tad weird?

* I think that Pandora Radio is pretty much the greatest thing ever invented right now.  You want a good station to listen to?  Program in the Natasha Bedingfield station. BOTH Joe and I's gooo-oood.

* Joe and I celebrated our anniversary this week....a week early actually...{thank you mom and dad for taking the kids overnight!}  We stayed at a swanky resort for the evening and if I were a hotel exec....I would have a shop next to the gift shop of every hotel....that sold ONLY their pillows and comforters.  They could make a fortune doing this, no?  Joe and I fell in LOVE with the pillows at our hotel.  And it left us wondering...where on earth can we ever buy anything as comfy??

* Speaking of celebrating....Joe and I's 'evening out' consisted of:  eating dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, checking into the hotel, laying on the bed watching tv until 10:00, falling asleep and not waking up until 10:00 the next morning.  Now thats true love.  Who needs a fancy night out on the town?  Not us...that is for sure.  It's funny how the word 'relaxation' takes on a whole new meaning once you're married with kids.  Watching TV without kids interrupting for a sippy cup, or a bum to be wiped....PURE. BLISS.  

* It kinda bugs me that at places like Wal-mart and Kohls....they have an 'Associate Carpool Parking' spot.  Right. Up. Front.  Seriously?  Who carpools to a place like that?  My dad carpooled when we lived back in Fairfax, VA and his commute was 20-30 minutes INTO Washington, DC. Now...that's a need for a carpool. Me?  I intentionally park in these 'Associate Carpool Parking' spots because lets be honest...I'm carpooling my kids everywhere I go these days...especially with it being Spring Break.  That's a good enough reason to park up front, right?

* I'm kinda over Siri.  Why can't she ever get anything I say right??  Yesterday I asked her to TEXT JOE - Ask Grant if he wants a breakfast burrito.  Her first attempt was: 'Ask Grandma if he wants a burrito.  Her second attempt was: ' Ask Karen if she wants a burrito'.  I honestly don't think I even have anyone named 'Karen' programmed in my phone.  You gotta step up your game Siri girl.  Because yes...sometimes I'm too lazy to type out my texts.

* Remember the band THE FORMAT?  They remind me of Joe and I's newlywed days living in an apartment.  Good times.  The lead singer has joined with a new band called FUN and I can't get enough of their new song 'We are Young'.  {LOVE!}

* What the heck is a hash tag and what does it even mean?  I know I'm like the only person left on the face of the earth who doesn't know how to 'twitter'....but....should I know what a hash tag is?

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