Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This n' That...

We're going on day 3 of Spring Break over here.  Spring break lasts 2 weeks and 1 day to be exact.  I {might} just be ready for it to be over.  {Smile}. 

Here are some random happs/inspiration in my life as of late:

My darling and ever so talented friend Kristen was put in charge of making gifts for the girls who have received their YW medallions in our stake this year.  She came up with these and aren't they adorable??  She found the lanterns at Hobby Lobby for $4 I believe.  What girl wouldn't like one of these on her night stand or dresser as a reminder for what she has accomplished this year PLUS the counsel to ARISE AND SHINE FORTH! {Yes...that's a pic of our in-progress Gilbert temple that is being built.  So excited!!}

I attended our Relief Society Birthday Party last week.  Have I ever mentioned that we have some serious talent in our ward?  Cause we do.  Ashley Muller created this masterpiece.  Isn't it GORGEOUS?  Yes..she cut into it and yes...we ate it!!!  She said it took 24 hours to make.  AMAZING!!!! 

Grant's been putting the Tooth Fairy outta business....losing teeth left and right....

London PRETENDS she's got 'wiggly' teeth....

And thankfully...our good pals the Buchanans hooked us up with a new basketball hoop!  Joe had the brilliant idea of putting it up next to our trampoline so the boys could shoot hoops AND jump's been the best. thing. EVER!

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