Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Treats.

The kids don't have school tomorrow.  
It's {Good Friday}....
So we brought in treats TODAY to celebrate Easter with their classes.
Here's what we created:

I knew I wanted to make up some type of CUPCAKE for Grant's class.  
When I saw the darling chocolate bunny molds at Target, I knew I had to combine the two!  
Everything on this cupcake is edible.  Right down to the grass!
I actually put the bunny molds on sucker sticks and then stuck them right into the center of each cupcake so they stood up better.

Carson brought a basket full of 'Bunny Tails' into his classmates:

The darling printable tag is from eighteen25 HERE.
We mounted it onto card stock and then I had Carson write his name on the backs of all of them.
I would definitely recommend using CAMPFIRE marshmallows for these.  
So fun!

We brought a box of cupcakes in for Carson's teacher:

I am LOVING my new burlap ribbon.
Printable tag from Elephant Shoe.

Grant brought in these mini pails for his teacher and student teacher.
They're filled with Reese's Pieces Eggs {my FAVORITE!}

Pails are from the $ bins at Target.
Printable tags are from Lil' Luna.

Now it's onto the WEEKEND festivities!

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