Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Part 2.

 We are so lucky to have been able to spend Easter Dinner with Joe's parents and siblings.
Grandma Marilyn went all out as usual.

Everything was decorated to perfection.

London started the evening off in a chocolate and jelly bean coma...

But soon perked right up when it was time to hunt for eggs. 

Joe and I didn't fare too well in the Adult Money egg hunt this year.
We got jipped actually.
I'm peeking over the fence next year to see where Scott and Marilyn hide the eggs BEFORE it starts.

Marilyn had a sweet little program planned for the kids centered around our Savior...

Each person was to look through a copy of the Ensign and pick their favorite picture of Christ.
Heartfelt testimonies ensued...
And the love and spirit in the room was felt.

Thank you Scott and Marilyn for another magical and memorable holiday.
We are blessed indeed.

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  1. You forgot to feature your german chocolate cake and that framed chalkboard! Thank you very much!!!


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