Monday, April 16, 2012

Origami Owl.

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A year or so ago I came across the most adorable necklaces at a local seasonal boutique.  
I LOVED the idea of these lockets BECAUSE...they were completely customizable.
There were SO MANY cute choices that I just couldn't make up my mind. Which is why...when my friend Kapri told me she had just recently started selling them...I nearly jumped for joy.  

The necklaces are called 'Origami Owl'  and the concept was actually created from a young girl who goes to high school just a few miles from here.  The necklaces are absolutely brilliant.  You can fill your locket with so many different types of tiny charms that tell a story about YOU.

I may or may not have ordered a couple for an upcoming holiday.
I couldn't resist.

Kapri is having a party with these darling necklaces THIS Thursday in South Chandler.  
If you'd like more information click HERE or send me a message and I can give you more details if you'd like to attend.

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