Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Wednesday

Papago Park April 2012

* I refuse to switch over to the new FB timeline.  They'll have to do it for me.  Why must they constantly make changes on their site with the format?  Don't they know...we don't like change??  It's like when my favorite grocery store decides to 'revamp' their look and switch aisles on me.  No like-y.

* Peeps.  Seriously.  Who on earth likes those??  And how long do boiled eggs stay good in your fridge?  And why must I boil SO MANY at Easter time??

* I'm pretty sure that a few months ago I 'Random Wednesday'd' about all types of bottled water being created equal.  I'm here to dispute that claim.  Arrowhead?  Bleh.  Is it just me or does it taste funny??  I'm sticking to Dasani and Costco brand.  {Seriously people REALLY think 'SKINNY' water is going to make them MORE skinny than regular water?  That's just plain weird.}

* The Biebs has a new song out.  And I love love love it. was made for the teeny-boppers.  But I'm still 'young' at heart so it's ok if I like it, right? He actually reminds me of a much younger Justin Timberlake with this song. Haven't heard it? Whaaa?  Click HERE for it's goodness.  

* Also digging THIS song on the radio right now. {Warning: if you choose to watch the's sorta REALLY weird.  I prefer to just 'listen' to it.}

* LOVE the singer Adele.  They really need to stop playing THIS song over and over on the radio though.  I liked it.  For like 6 months.  But enough is enough.  THIS song of hers definitely needs more airtime. That girls has got some serious talent.

* I really wish people would stop wearing feathers in the tips of their hair.  This was a trend that {in my opinion} was never really that great.

* Why must SPRINKLES cupcakes make the absolute most divine Peanut Butter/Chocolate cupcake?  Super glad I don't live super close to one of these.  It could be deadly.

*London was DETERMINED last weekend that the Easter Bunny was a girl.  After I thought about it for a bit...I thought...why on earth do we just 'assume' that he's a boy?  I mean....when you go to sit on the creepers lap at the mall...they DON'T EVEN TALK TO YOU through their who are we to judge?? Random things from my 3 year old that make ya go hmmmmmm.

* Blake Shelton.  WHY oh WHY did he ever think sporting a mullet was a good look for him?  He is such a DOLL on THE VOICE.  I just can't get past the image of him and his early 2000's mullet.  

* Why on singing reality shows do judges always say 'It's not the end of the road for you' to people who get kicked off at the start of the season.  Seriously.  I'm pretty sure it's 'the end of the road' for anyone without the names Chris Daughtry or Clay Aiken. NO ONE really makes it big after bombing on the show.  

*Social Reader on Facebook.  Why on earth do you want people knowing what you're reading? Isn't this idea just a tad creepy?  

*One last bit about Facebook.  If every single one of your status updates consists of having to click on the 'read more' button, for us to finish reading what you had to probably just shouldn't say it.  Save it for a blog entry, text or an email.  Am I right?  People don't go to fb to read novels.   

* Why is browsing Pinterest so therapeutic to me?  I've gotten so that I can't go to bed at night without looking at it.  

* I'm usually a one brand type of woman when it comes to candles.  I'm kind of a candle snob.  {LOVE the Gold Canyon brand}.  I have however been PLEASANTLY surprised with the Bath and Body Works candles that  have come out recently.  They make my home smell so fresh! {Which most of the is definitely not!}  THIS one and THIS one are my favorites.  And they usually run sales where they're 2 for $20 so I feel like it's a win win type of situation.  

* Sales.  I always say to Joe.....'Honey look how much money I saved by shopping this sale or that sale'.  His response?  'You could've saved MORE money by not shopping at all'.  Hehe.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there?  

Port of Subs.  Hands down the BEST sandwich/sub place.  It puts Subway to shame.  How is it that I've just discovered this yummy goodness within the past year?  


Some of my favorite quotes from this week:

My 5 year Carson was watching America's Funniest Videos the other night and after watching someone get hit in the you know what he responded with...."And....that's why I never wanna hit puberty".  

Ummm...what?  I promise we've never even uttered that word in our house before.  
How on earth???


Last night we spent the evening at Papago Park.  
You must visit it if you are from around here. 
Here are a few of my favorite pics from the top o' the mountain.


  1. laughing out loud at carson's puberty comment. However, as for the skinny water...don't dis it. It actually does have stuff in it that curbs your appetite. Works for me like crazy (not currently since i am eating every carb in sight) but when im totally helps.

  2. Nice editing on the 2nd photo!! ;) Also there were 4-5 points that you mentioned on your random wednesday list that I seriously thought about these last few weeks!

  3. Totally with you on the water thing.

  4. #1 You have to dye a lot of eggs because it's just that much more fun... in our house, the Easter Bunny only hides plastic eggs, so all of the real eggs get made into deviled eggs for Easter dinner. We did 3 dozen eggs and they were gone!

    #2 As for Facebook... I hated the new timeline too... until I realized that I could go back and see every status I ever posted... that was kind of neat... now I've gotten used to it :-)

  5. Jersey Mike's is our favorite sub place.

  6. Laughed out loud reading this, as always.

    SUCH a cute picture of you and Joe!!!

  7. Just stumbled to your blog via Pinterest... and have been here for 20 minutes soaking up your fun creativity! This post, however... completely made my day. I believe I agreed with you on just about every point! :) I look forward to visiting your blog again soon!


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