Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Wednesday.

My 3 stooges on a typical afternoon.

* Why on earth are bottles of water filled up to be exactly 16.9 ounces?  We can't just splurge the 10th of an ounce and make it an easy 17 ounces?  Wouldn't this make it easier on the factory workers?  Every time I drink my water I am reminded of this.  {Maybe that's why I like my Thirstbusters from Circle K so much.  I always know I'm getting an even 32 ounces of pure liquid delight!}

* Does anyone think the 'hype' surrounding 'Brangelina' and their 'engagement' is a little un-necessary?  Anti-climactic, no? They have SIX kids for crying out loud.  Get married already!

* NBC's 'The Office' just aint what it used to be.  I was so sad to watch Steve Carrell leave the show but had high hopes with Ed Helms.  {He usually cracks me up no matter what}.  The show altogether now though?  Blah.

* I've got a pet peeve with stores who sell picture frames.  {Home Goods I'm talking directly to you}.  Why on earth is it necessary to place the sticky gooey price tag, directly on the glass part?  This mindless act ALWAYS takes me a good 20 minutes to fix.  First off the price tag NEVER wants to come off.  Second, you usually have to wash it in soap and water and Third..if its super stubborn, you've gotta get out the Goo be Gone.  WAY too much work for a measly little picture frame dontcha think?

* I consider my kids and I to be very 'close'.  In fact we've gotten SO 'close' lately that I can walk into a room that they're all 3 playing in, and identify which one has just tooted.  True story.  Every time. I've always thought I had good intuition but this latest find has brought my intuition to a completely new level.

* I have a confession.  I get giddy with excitement EVERY time I hear a song from Hall and Oates on the radio.  Like, I crank it up and sing at the top of my lungs excited.  Especially THIS one.  {In my defense...I was raised on this stuff.  I have THREE older siblings ya know!}

* I've got yet another pet peeve with Facebook. {Man I really have a love/hate relationship with the good ole FB}.  Why on earth do people think it's ok to take profile pictures OF THEMSELVES in a bathroom?  This just never turns out classy.  EVER.  That empty roll of toilet paper in the background?  Not appealing.  Neither is the dirty tub in the background.  Or your skeevy toilet bowl.  I promise it just takes a few seconds to walk outside and get a much more appealing pic of yourself. I PROMISE.

* Pinterest needs an 'alert' that notifies you when you are getting ready to pin something...that you've already pinned.  I pin SO MUCH STUFF that I forget what I've pinned and what I haven't!  I'm thinking there would be quite a few of us who could benefit from this feature, no? {I'm crazy obsessed with Pinterest these days}.

* Why do reality shows {such as THE VOICE} think it's necessary to post 'tweets' from viewers at the bottom of their screen?  Do we really care what a complete stranger thinks of so and so's performance? 

* Okay okay....another favorite Hall and Oates classic HERE.


  1. Had to comment on this! First, I love Hall and Oates! Believe it or not, they played in Cedar City when I was in high school! Second, I'm with you on the sticker thing. Sometimes those sticky stickers leave permanent marks on things like table mats. Third: Great nose Marci! There should be an award for that! Fourth, I find it ridiculous that I felt the need to number my points in this comment!

  2. Wow! Love all your opinions on this post! Pinterest......who wants multiple pins of the same thing....come on already and figure out how to alert us! You should write to them of "our" request. :)

  3. If you use a blow dryer for a minute or so on the sticker before you pull it off the glass of the frame- it comes off cleanly :)