Sunday, April 29, 2012

This weekend we...

Grant.....posing for one of his 'pretend' profile pics.

* Stayed in Friday night.  As much as I LOVE going out on Friday's kind of refreshing to relax and not do ANYTHING.....every ONCE in awhile.

*Slept in until 9:30 on Saturday.  Yes...Joe, London and I.  It was bliss.  {The boys were downstairs eating cereal outta the box and watching Disney in their underwear.  Fine by me!}

* Made THESE pancakes for breakfast.

* Watched the boys play in yet another baseball game.  Carson was catcher this time.  Watching him in all that garb is really too cute for words.

* Dinner with fun friends at THIS restaurant.  It was our first time.  And it was yummy.

*Graduation party at another fun friends house. {Have I mentioned we have FUN friends?} Congrats Krista on that nursing degree!  

*Uplifting-ness at church.  

* 2 1/2 hour Sunday afternoon nap. 

*Tried THIS new recipe for Sunday dinner. {It was YUM.  I'll post my 'tweaks' to it tomorrow}.

*Wathcing AFV and baking cookies now as I type.  It's our very most favorite way to end our weekends as a family.{Because who doesn't LOVE watching someone get hit in the groin over and over again? Doesn't take much to make us Coombs' laugh!}

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