Friday, May 4, 2012

Dollar Store Mother's Day Craft.

This week I was asked to create a little 'favor' for a group of women that were getting together for a Mother's Day dinner. I immediately thought...MAGNET BOARD....because well, those are the types of favors that can be CUTE and USEABLE.  {Not a fan of favors that are just. cute.} Plus...I've never actually 'created' my own type of magnet board before so I looked at it as a new crafting adventure!

I went to went to Home Depot to check into getting some sheet metal cut for me to use as the base and I was shocked at just how much sheet metal cost!  Who knew?! I then decided to scour over the Dollar Tree and see what else might work...for hopefully much, much less.

I stumbled upon a treasure.

And here's how the rest went down.....

And that is IT!  
Magnets stick PERFECTLY onto these trays... which could also hold notes, recipes... the possibilities are endless!  
I should mention also, that I scored the silver easels to set them on ALSO at the Dollar store.
Double score.

Mother's Day is just a week away.  Is it too early to start leaving my husband hints as to what I'd like???


  1. your my hero LOL

    and never to early to leave hints!!

  2. Seriously Marci! Brilliant!!

  3. I love this!! I love making stuff with those Dollar Store trays. I would love for you to do a tutorial and even be a guest judge on my blog, The CSI Project. I think you are great and would love to have you.

    email me if you are interested,

  4. Do you modge podge over the spray paint too?

  5. I made these today with my beehive class so they could give them as a Mother's Day gift and they turned out AMAZING!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this idea, your the best. I doesn't hurt that you like an ice cold diet DP for breakfast, your a girl after my own heart. :) I also made one with my daughters who are 12 & 14 to hang on there doors so we could leave notes for each other my 14 yr old said you'll probably just leave a note to clean my room but, I really wanted them so I could leave one of these on their door at night

    1. Yay! I love hearing stuff like that!! Glad they were a hit!