Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Treats.

Today Grant's class was celebrating the college graduation of his cute student teacher.
They were throwing a little class party and I had such high hopes of making up something cute to bring in.
I ran outta time.  Dontcha hate when that happens?
Sometimes it just seems like there aren't enough HOURS in the DAY. 
I'll have to save these ideas for Carson's Kindergarten Graduation celebration.
Can't believe THAT is just in a couple of weeks.

Domestic Charm

LOVING these cupcakes.  Made from a Reese's PB cup and a Godiva chocolate.  The tassle is made out of a mini M&M and an Airhead.
Cheesy Diplomas
Family Fun
Just a slice of cheese and turkey rolled up and tied together with a green onion to look like an official DIPLOMA!

Pinned Image
LOVE this cute gift idea.

Frog Prince Paperie
Graduation Cap Push Pops.  Brilliant.

Altered Artworks
Another cute gift idea with the Reese's PB cups.

Lil Luna

And what a FUN dessert idea.  And yes...they still sell these white Reese's...just saw them at the store yesterday.  Now I'm going back to pick some up!

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