Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday}.

Gosh I love this kid.
He thought he'd be funny and sneak a pic in during church.

* I'll never understand the people who hoard the 'sample' tables at Costco.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE getting free tastes of food BUT...the people who seriously act like it's their 'last supper'....come on! It's literally a spooge of cheesecake they're handing out.  You'll live without out.

* Another thing I don't quite understand? People who still write checks at the grocery store.  Seriously?!? And why is it....that I seem to ALWAYS get behind these people in line??

* Little Caesers pizza.  It's either REALLY GOOD.....or really.....card-boardish.  If you get that pizza 'hot and fresh' as seriously is tasty.  If you let it sit out for awhile before delving into it?  Nasty. 

* SO excited for school to be out for my kids.  Don't get me wrong...I'm sure I'll be ready to send them back by like day 2 of summer vacation. thrilled to NOT have schedules, NOT have to race out the door in the morning and pretty much do WHATEVER we PLEASE. 

*Already anticipating our summer vacay in Utah.  It's always so refreshing to go up to the cabin and relax.  

* Remember how I said I have a 'thing' for Hall and Oates music?  I also have a 'thing' for THIS song.  Quite possibly one of my most favorite old school songs that MUST be cranked up every time I hear it in the car.  {And yes...I whole-heartedly accept the fact that I am a nerd.}

* This week I was at the drive-thru at McDonalds and the person who handed me my food said "Please come again."  Please come again?  Is this really necessary to tell people?  At MCDONALDS? I'm pretty sure we'll all come again at least 500 more times in our lives.  Right?  It's Mcdonalds.  We have kids.  We'll be back.  Maybe even sometimes twice a day now that school will be out!

* The movie ANNIE is all the rage in our house these days. {The 1982 version with Carol Burnett.  It's a CLASSIC!}  I can't get enough of THIS scene from the movie.  The dancing, the pillow fight, the song, the choreography.  Please can I go back in time and BE in this scene?? Love!

* We went to Build a Bear this week so Carson could spend his birthday money.  I LOVE that store and every time I'm in there, I'm reminded that I want to write a letter to their headquarters and tell them that they really need to start making those 'bear' 'lady' sizes.  They are seriously TOO cute.  And sometimes...SO STYLISH!  Not even kidding.  {Ok, Mr. Build a Bear Prez....if you don't want to make them in LADY least make them in children's sizes so London can benefit from the cuteness!}

* I really hate it when news anchors WHO ARE FULL BLOODED AMERICAN AND SPEAK ENGLISH...try and pronounce SPANISH things....with an accent.  We get it.  You don't speak SPANISH.  There is no need to pretend.  Ditch the pretend accent and just read those names in your gringo tone.  We're fine with it. {I seriously get the giggles every night when I watch the  news and hear this!}

* Last night on the weather, the news caster teased us with a 'cold front' coming our way.  I was all excited to stay tuned and see what that entailed.  It meant.....we'd be 'cooling' down to 100 degrees.  Not 106 like we've already been experiencing.  Sigh.  Summer weather is here in Sunny AZ. Thank goodness for pools, air conditioning and LOTS of ice-cold Diet Coke.

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  1. I was laughing at the spanish accent. We always laughed when you ask people where they went on their mission and the entire sentence is normal until they pronounce, "Buenos Aires, Ar-hen-tia" (Argentia) like we don't know they know spanish. Call me soon:)