Sunday, May 6, 2012

This weekend we...

.....celebrated Carson's birthday!  He scored a bike.  And lots of money between his 2 sets of grandparents. I asked him what he wanted to buy with all his money and he responded with "I'm going to save it for Disneyland".  A boy after my own heart. He may just be my favorite! {Smile}.

Joe took the boys camping with our ward on the annual Father and Sons campout.  The only picture he took was on the car ride home.

Needless to say...they had. A. BLasT!!!
Thanks to our good friends the Buchanan's who showed Joe that camping CAN be enjoyable.
He came back a changed man. 

As for the sassy diva and I....

...we had a dance party amongst ourselves.
Cleaned my craft room {which prior to} looked like a tornado had flown through it.
And slept in Saturday morning until 9:30.

It was a win/win for the boys AND girls in this family.

Saturday night we got together with some of our very dearest friends for a Cinco de Maya Recipe Club.

It was Mexican fun at it's finest.  
Not only did Brooke have the place looking festive as ever...but she made us the adorable take home favors to the above left.  Guess what these mini pinatas are made out of? Sno-cone cups!  Aren't they adorable?  {They were filled with lots of yummy candy too!}
We had a blast with our peeps....always do and and always will. 

Oh yeah....and I made this cake to bring for dessert:

I'll be sharing the recipe sometime this week. 
I don't really like lemon flavored anything. {Ok..except for my water}.
BUT....this lemon bunt cake is TO DIE FOR.  
I got the recipe from my friend Rachel and it is DEE-LISH.
And super easy.  

As for Sunday....
I taught THIS lesson in Young Womens...
Planned out Girls Camp with our YW Presidency...we have some FUN ideas up our sleeves...
Had Joe's newly engaged brother Ryan over for dinner with his cute fiancé Sarah...
And capped the weekend off with some AFV and had the kids in bed by 7:00.

I'm pooped.
But it was all worth it!

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