Monday, May 21, 2012

This Weekend We...

* Went out to dinner with fun friends HERE and then saw the movie "What to Expect when you're Expecting".  We LOVED it.  Even Joe! {although he did say he thought the first 10 minutes were boring}.  If you've had kids in the past 10 will enjoy it.  So many 'relatable' scenes and lines in that movie. 2 thumbs up!

* Boys' baseball game. Only 1 more to go!
Thank goodness London has had her new little CRUSH to occupy her at all the games.

* Made cupcakes for THIS church lesson.  Here's a tip.  Don't ever ever EVER use Crisco in your frosting recipe.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that PROMISED to be the best PIPEABLE frosting out there.  I was SO excited to try it out.  And I was SO disappointed.  It was as thick as tar and wouldn't even come out of my frosting tip.  Needless to say....I had to make a second batch.  Without the Crisco.
Pinterest....ya win some, ya lose some.  

* Took the kiddos swimming at the water park right by our house.
It. Was. A. Blast.
London has no fear of well....ANYTHING. She went down the waterside close to 50 times I bet.

* Church and meetings.  My Laurel's advisor got released last week and so we presented her with this today:

Skip to My Lou has FREE printable circles HERE that are CUSTOMIZABLE.  You can type ANYTHING in there....your child's name, a student...etc.  So awesome.


* Dessert with my mom and dad.

*Golf cart rides for the kids.

* Cold Diet Dr. Pepper to finish the weekend off.

Only SIX more days of school.  YAHOO!!!

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