Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Weekend We...

{Warning.  Our weekend pretty much revolved around food.  And eating. And lots of it.}

*Finished London's swim Lessons.  She's {sorta} become a pro at going off the diving board.  And she's only 3.  Proud mama, yes I am.

Thank goodness her bestie Jane was there to share in all of the chlorinated fun!

* Date night with Joe HERE.  You honestly cannot beat their Early Bird specials.  
Yes...Joe and I like to usually eat out EARLY on Friday nights.  
We get along well with the 'elderly' crowd.
$7.99 for a 6 oz. sirloin steak and 2 sides.  Yum-MY!

*Saw THIS movie.  Love Love LOVED it.
It's based on a true story ya know.
Jack Black is perfect in it. And just in case you DO see it...just know...the townspeople getting interviewed are REAL people.  Not actors.  It made it THAT MUCH better.

* Finished off the boys' baseball season.  YA-HOO!
The weather could not have been more perfect for it either.

* Team Party HERE.

* Date night with fun friends HERE.
It was the most perfect night to eat outside.  Sadly now, we probably won't get to go back until October when the temps start to dip again.

* Church.

*Confiscated this love note from Grant's crush during Sacrament meeting:

My personal favorite lines are:

You're the Peanut to my butter...
You smell like rainbows....
You are the butter to my fly
and not to be forgotten...
I like your little freckles.

May I remind you....Grant is 7.  Joe and I were DYING laughing when we found this!! 

* Made our Summer To-Do List.

Printable found from The Crafting Chicks and printed off at Costco as a 16x20 print.

*Tacos for Sunday dinner.
{Shredded beef.  The best.  Recipe to follow soon}.

It was a very busy weekend indeed.  Family filled and couldn't have been more perfect.

Tomorrow....we celebrate MEMORIAL DAY with the Lamoreaux side.
BBQ at our house.
Burgers, Brats, salads, Diet Coke, fresh strawberry shortcake, and lots of laughter.

P.S.  Make sure and enter my GIVEAWAY HERE!!!


  1. Ok Marci - I love your blog - originally from Gilbert and now I'm dying to figure out how we are related. My husband's grandparents were Alvin & Melba Lamoreaux. :)

    1. Such a small world, huh?? I know we are related to the Lamoreaux's from Gilbert somehow...but it is far down the line. My side of the Lamoreaux's are all from southern Utah. xoxo

  2. oh my heavens, i laughed so hard at that letter, you have to keep it forever!!! i loved the PB saying tooo... what a heart breaker already!!

    I am soooo wishing i lived in AZ ( maybe not for the heat), i have a ton of friends that live there, and i need to take a trip!.. your blog is one of my daily reads, i love it! and seriously, i copy so many of your things, and i love that you always find us the cute printables, i would never know where to look, so a big thank you!!!

  3. Hey Marci!
    I'm totally enjoying your blog, and all your super creative ideas :) Thanks for the link to the 50 days of summer fun poster- we just did that with our family tonight!

    Thanks and keep the great ideas coming :) Blessings to you guys!
    Lisa (Bowles) R