Sunday, June 17, 2012

Girls Camp Part 2...Decor.

Our stake theme for Girls camp was "Seek His Light and Shine".
The week was centered around the scriptures and each ward was assigned a Scripture Hero + value and coordinating color.  We were given Joseph Smith, Knowledge and the color Green.  I was thrilled!

I knew I wanted some type of BANNER with our ward name on it.  I made this out of chipboard, doilies and alphabet die-cuts.  I added lolly toppers and buttons for accents.

We thought it would be neat to have a table in our campsite devoted to Joseph Smith and his 'era'.  We tried our hardest to decorate with a vintage-y look.  

My cute counselor had the fabulous idea of having a TREE of KNOWLEDGE to go along with our value.  She printed out tons of inspirational quotes and we hung them from this tree {along with our CHORE chart} and also throughout the girls' tent...

 I also knew that I wanted some type of board with each of the girls' pictures on it.  Here's what I came up with....

..this was placed just outside of their tent.

One night for an activity BEFORE camp we had the girls make their own banner that we also hung just outside our campsite.  I was thrilled with how it turned out!

Not pictured are our mason jars hanging on shepherd hooks.  We bought some white lace ribbon and taped them around our jars.  We placed tea lights in them and then turned them on every night before our devotionals.  It created the perfect GLOW. We also purchased green chinese lanterns at The Dollar Tree which hung from our campsite awning.  

Next up:  Pillow Treats


  1. Nice post, what a fun camp. Looks like your YW enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the pictures, I missed being at camp this year and it was fun to see a little glimpse. Your camp turned out so cute--and not just cute, but cute with meaning. I loved the theme and scripture focus--I could just repeat that one every year!

  3. I loved girls camp!! These girls are so blessed tohave such a fun, wonderful leader!


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