Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Money Gift ideas.

Everyone LOVES getting money as a gift...  
Which is why I recently decided to 'just' give money to 2 of my cute graduating Laurels.
And since I can't just give a $20 bill in a card ...here are a couple of ways I came up with to SPICE up the presentation.

{I used London's elastic hair bands to secure them.}

The money box is a HUGE hit within the Lamoreaux family. 
All you do is tape together how ever many bills you want to give....then accordion fold them...slice a thin rectangle in your box and thread the first $ bill through.  

We recently gave money as a class gift to Grant's cute first grade teacher and presented it in the ole box-er-oo...

It just never gets old. Any size of box will do!


  1. That box idea is genius! I'm pinning you!

  2. These type of gifts are very unique i think. Do you have some more ideas for Send gifts to Pakistan to my family?

  3. Great and unique way to present money as a gift!! Loved your idea so much that I pinned to our Wishgift.ca Money Presentation Pinterest Board! You can view the link here: http://pinterest.com/wishgift/money-presentation/

    Thanks so much for sharing,

  4. If you tape the money together won't it rip when you pull the tape off ?


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