Monday, June 4, 2012

This Weekend...

* These two yay-hoos started swim lessons...

One of the MANY advantages of having boys so close in age is the fact that they make it on all the same sports teams and swim classes.  {LOVE!} Not sure what I'll do when they don't want to play and do the very same exact things :)

* Date night with Joe HERE.  Hands down the very best Italian spot in Chandler.
We've been going there since we were very first married.  And it NEVER disappoints.
Date night also included {because we just weren't ready to go home to our rowdy kids quite yet}:
Browsing at Barnes N Noble in peace and quite * Shopping at Nordstrom Rack * And browsing the aisles of Target.
Browsing is SO much more relaxing WITHOUT kids, no?

* Sleeping in on Saturday. 

* Pedicures with my Mom.
{I'm pretty sure the lady working on my feet wished she had an electrical sander for how nasty they were}.

* Jumping on the trampoline with the sprinklers on.
{Not me of course though.  I can't make one full jump without pee-ing a little. It's true.  Loud and proud}.


*Had Joe's cute parents over for Sunday dinner.
On the menu: Ribeye Steaks, crockpot potatoes, honey glazed carrots, biscuits and Peach Cobbler.
Recipes to follow soon.
*Visit from fun friends who brought us warm chocolate chip cookies and plenty o' laughter and conversation.

* Kids asleep in less than 2 minutes of their heads hitting the pillow.
A true sign of a very good weekend indeed!

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  1. hahah, what a great weekend, i wanna come live and be your friend LOL


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