Monday, June 18, 2012

This Weekend:

* I returned from Girls Camp and took both a bath AND a shower. 
My fingernails have never been so caked in dirt before.

*Following the 'cleansing'...I took a 3.5 hour nap.  And I was STILL tired when I woke up.

*We celebrated Father's Day early on Saturday night by taking the kiddies out to Red Robin.

...Seriously...they have the best CLUCKS and FRIES ever!

*Uplifting-ness at Church.
A few of my cute YW spoke and did an excellent job.
I may have gotten a little teary eyed hearing them talk about Camp.
So proud of them.

* BBQ at my parents house with the entire Lamoreaux clan.
Stuffed our bellies with burgers, hotdogs, brats, beans, pasta salad, fruit salad, chips & dip....

*Celebrated my nephew's 19th birthday.
Man...I feel old.

....seems like just yesterday I was changing his diaper.  
Now he's getting ready to serve a 2 year mission in Barcelon, Spain.

*The kids discovered GIANT CD's at my Mom and Dad's house and had a hey-day dancing around while the 'old fashioned' music played.

* Oh yeah...and I gave Joe THIS Father's Day card.
I thought it was pretty  hi-lare. And so did he.

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