Monday, June 25, 2012

This Weekend:

* The boys had a lemonade stand.

It was quite possibly the hottest afternoon YET this summer.
But they were determined.
And $21 happy!

London drank just as much lemonade as they sold.
Luckily...she was discreet.

* Joe and I went out Friday night.
Dinner HERE.....Friday night is their POT ROAST special night.
It is Ah-Mazing. good as my moms.

We saw THIS movie.
It say the least.
Joe's a BIG fan of the director Wes Anderson.
Hence....the pick.
Not sure I would recommend it.  Kinda slow.  And kinda weird.

* Saturday morning the kids had money burning holes in their pockets {from their lemonade earnings of course!} so we headed to the mall.

Sunglasses for $1.99?  BARGAIN!!  

* Grocery shopped.  Probably spent $20 more than usual by shopping at a grocery store that had a play place for the kids, but man...was it worth it.  Now...all THREE of my kids go in and lets just changes my whole grocery shopping experience.  I always tell the lady in charge that I'm gonna drop them off one day, get a pedicure and come back in like 3 hours.  She thinks I'm kidding.

* Date night #2 {yes...we deserve it...our kids are home 24-7 now from school!}.

Dinner HERE with fun friends.
It's definitely not my favorite restaurant BUT...Joe LOVES seafood so every now and again I throw one in for the team.  Not to mention....I'm pretty sure I could easily pound a dozen of those cheddar garlic biscuits.  YUM!

*Uplifting-ness at church.
Taught THIS lesson.

* 3 hour nap.
It's true.  Every Sunday I say I'm NOT gonna lay down's just so TEMPTING!

*Made THIS for Sunday dinner.
And yes....I'm a huge fan of pot roast. I just can't seem to get enough.

*Enjoyed warm homemade chocolate chip cookies brought to us by one of my cute Beehives.
Warm chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.  


*Joe and I watched the new Jim Gaffigan special on Netflix. 
We laughed so hard our sides hurt.
And so many funny jokes about  having kids and being a parent.
Watch it. Soon.

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  1. I loved loved loved that jim gaffigan special. The whales are you kidding me? I was driving to CA and really almost crashed a few times because I was crying with laughter but it would have been worth it it was so dang funny! This us Trina btw


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