Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creative Summer Cakes.

I'm up to my eyeballs in BACK to SCHOOL stuff this week.
I'm hosting a Young Womens church breakfast on Saturday and the kiddos start school on Monday!
Where does the time go?!?

Here's some DARLING summertime cakes featured over at Family Fun. 
Clever AND Cute.
{My favorite combination}!

Sweet Sandals

Made outta oval shaped cookies, frosting and rope licorice!

Father's Day Recipes Grill Cupcakes

Loving the hot tamales with the 'grill' marks on em.

Pail of Sand Cake
How fun would little ones of these be for individual cakes at a kids party?? I've seen chocolate molds for the sea shells too!

Snorkeler Cake

LOOOVE that they used Hershey Kisses for the spikey hair!

Corn on the Cobcake

ADORBS!!!  White and yellow jellybeans are used for the 'kernels'. A yellow Starburst is used for the buttah.

Towering Sand Castle Cake

Although this one is a 'Sand Castle' cake..I'm totally remembering this for London's next birthday party.  She's already informed me that she wants it to be...surprise! surprise!....a PRINCESS party.  You could make a DARLING princess castle cake outta these sugar cones.  So CLEVER!

Ultimate Beach Cupcakes

Ok...this one had me at the Fruit Striped gum as the beach chair.

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