Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Wednesday.

It's just how she rolls....

* I'm thinking of writing Crayola and telling them to tone down on the amount of YELLOW crayons they make.  Anytime we get to a restaurant and the kids are handed out crayons to color with, they always get like 3 yellows to 1 red...and then they end up fighting over the 1 red.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the color YELLOW but as far as coloring goes....the kids aren't buyin it.  They want something BOLD.  That STANDS OUT.  Not. Yellow.

* Have you ever watched someone try on clothes in a dressing room?  I don't mean like...creepy watch em...I mean like...when they come out of their stall to check themselves out in the full length mirror?  People make the FUNNIEST faces when they do this.  It's as if...they turn their mouth a certain way, or tilt their head to the it's automatically going to make things look better.  Next time you're in a clothing attention.  It becomes laugh out loud funny.

* Speaking of clothing....wearing work out the mall?....always a NO!  Don't get me wrong...I wear my 'grubby' attire to most places.  But the mall is the one place I draw the line.  No one at the mall {and I mean no one!} wants to see you in spandex.  No joke...the last time I was there I saw someone parading around in FLESH COLORED spandex.  I had to do a double take.  And it was gross.

* Do you tip the Sonic people when they bring your drinks out?  I'm on the fence with this one.  I always just let em keep the change of whatever it is I supposed to?  I their defense...they're juggling my 44 ounces of goodness out on roller skates!  I probably couldn't do that if I tried!

* Speaking of drinks...I thought my 44 ounce addiction of Diet Dr. Pepper was bad.  While driving through Utah, we stopped at a Maverick for gas and when I went in to get myself a drink...there was a lady there with a 100 OUNCE REFILLABLE MUG!!! 100 OUNCES!!! I could not believe it.  Not to mention..she was filling it with straight Coke!  Made me feel so much better about myself.

* Why do mustaches automatically make a man look {somewhat} creepy?  Don't get me wrong...some men can pull it off.  And some men look very distinguished and attractive with one. And thats fine.  But most men?  Usually not.  

* I have another public restroom pet peeve.  It's when the bathroom stall has NO HOOK to hang your purse on.  I mean seriously.  Who wants to put their purse down on the skanky floor?!? Who knows whats washed up on that baby.  It seriously grosses me out that whoever built these bathrooms...would think that it was perfectly ok to leave off a hook! G-RoSs.

* Something I find funny?  When guests on talk shows are introduced, come right out, sit down next to the host and then take a sip of water from their 'guest mug'.  Seriously?  Is your throat really THAT parched from walking 10 steps that you need to take an instant sip??  Watch Jay Leno tonight.  You'll see what I'm talking about :)

* I never get sick of THIS song.  It's just so stinkin good.  It NEVER gets old to me.  It's a def cranker upper whenever I hear it.  And it makes me want to buy the piano music for it so I can pound out that chorus the way only Elton does.

*Another song I love?  THIS one.  This is one of my very favorite versions.  Ever. {Remember when they played it in the season finale of Parenthood?  I got goosebumps!  Totally anticipating when that show starts back up again!}

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  1. I am the proud owner of a 100 ounce mug but only because my friend left it on my porch filled to the rim with Diet Dr. Pepper for my birthday. She obviously knows me too well. When I saw it, I could not stop laughing, it is embarrassingly enormous. (I would never actually fill it)