Monday, July 9, 2012

Things I'm LOVIN' right now.

Lots of things I'm in LoVe with right now...
I could probably make a list a mile long but I'll try my hardest to condense it to the top of the top!

Monogram....home decor.  

Monogram-All you need is a cute frame (or ceiling medallion), burlap or decorative fabric, and your initial

Look What I Did

Totally need to get rid of my 4th of July wreath now and make one of these initial wreaths.  Looks {sorta} simple and SO cute!

Love everything about this DARLING party... 

The Sweetest Occasion

Not to mention that I'm all goo goo gaga over everything having to do with DOILIES right now.

Seriously loving this color combo...
Yellow pants and denim shirt...super cute outfit!
The Shine Project
Need to get colored jeans asap. 
 {That sounds so early 90s, right? Funny how trends come back around again and again.}

Candycorn dress...ohmiword...cute!
I know, I know...Halloween is still like forever away but this candy corn dress?  It's a MUST for Ms. London.  A MUST I tell you.

Banana Pudding Milkshake

We went to lunch today with one of our FAVORITE teachers ever!
Chick Fila...yummmmmmm.
She treated me to one of their new Banana Pudding Milkshakes.
I'll definitely be back for more this week. 

I adore Selena Gomez.
She's a doll.
And her song WE OWN THE NIGHT is my new favorite.
We listened to it {close} to 100-ish times on our car ride to Utah.
Can't get enough.

Another thing I discovered during our trip to Utah?
A new S'MORES concoction.
Graham Crackers + Marshmallow + Snickers PB mini candy bar =
a party in my mouth!
You'll never look at S'MORES the same.  I promise.

Another new favorite treat?
Crunch bar Thin Mints.
TDF. {To die for}.

Gabby Douglas
Are you as excited as I am for the summer Olympics?
Did you watch the Womens Gymnastics qualification round?
Did you see Gabby Douglas?
She's my new fave athlete.

Heaven is Here
I've always enjoyed reading Stephanie Nielson's blog.
I followed it regularly for awhile right after her accident.
This past year she wrote a book and it is HANDS DOWN the BEST book I've read in a LONG time.
It's inspiring, uplifting and charming.
I bawled the whole way through it.  Just ask Joe.  As we were driving through mountains, I had mountains of tears piling up in my eyes.  He kept asking me "What's Wrong?" And I kept responded with...."This's the best!"

{More on my summer book reviews coming soon...}

Also loving the frames within a frame trend...

Keltainen Talo Rannalla

Larger frame , wallpaper and smaller frames.
Becky Higgins
I've got a couple of bare walls upstairs that are SCREAMING for this!
Must get to work SOON on it!

What are YOU loving right now?


  1. Romy's had a pair of red/pink color jeans I loved! The turquoise was cute too. And they were on sale 20 or 25 bucks :)

  2. OOh i love the frame on frame too! my sister in law just made the cutest one, but she moved to Hondorus this past week, so i can't take a pic. It was a huge old brassy nasty looking frame, she painted it cream, and then added some fabric adn then 2 huge large pics of her 2kiddo's.. it was sooo dang cute! and simple!

  3. i love all of these too! we should have a craft night! And is it ok if I take upon the liberty of setting up a GNO for August?? Miss all you guys!