Monday, July 23, 2012

This Weekend + First Day of School Festivities...

* I took the kids school shopping.  Mainly for supplies and that kind of fun stuff. I don't really take them 'clothes shopping' still it starts to get cold here.  Which usually isn't until November.  For now, they each picked out two new shirts and, man are they proud of them! {See later pics..}

* Stayed in the rest of the day to get ready for THIS fun event.

* Satuday, after the festivities I snuck in a 3 hour nap.  With London.  It was bliss.

* Date night with Joe HERE.  It rained Saturday night too, which was a bonus! {We don't see much rain in this neck of the woods!}

* Attended my nephew Ryan's missionary farewell talk.  Hands down one of the best talks I've heard in a LONG time.  Barcelona, Spain is so lucky to get him.

Grateful to have such a NEAT family.
And our kids are SO blessed to have such GREAT cousins to look up to!

*Brunch at my sister Tori's afterwards.
I tried THIS new recipe and it was a HIT and SO easy.
{Note: if you make it, double the brown sugar and butter that you layer at the bottom}.
I'll definitely be making it again.

* Packed backpacks and filled out paper work for the kids' first day of school.

*Father's Blessings

* Kids in bed Sunday night by 7:00. {Yahoo!}

Needless to say...we were ALL excited for the first day today.  

And as excited as I get to send them off to school...I do hate the very fact that they are growing up before my very own eyes.  

These two are the BEST of friends and I LOVE that they're only 1 grade apart.
Such handsome boys, huh?

It helps that they have two of the VERY BEST teachers at school...

We are blessed indeed.

As for me and this one....

I'm sure we'll find PLENTY to keep us busy!! 

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