Monday, July 16, 2012

This Weekend...

* We got to go through the Temple with my nephew, who was going through for the very first time ever!

Dad, Mom, Ryan and sister Tori

It was SUCH a neat experience and we couldn't be more proud of him.

*After the temple, Joe and I had a lunch date at Mangos in Mesa.
How is it that we've JUST discovered that place?!
It is some GOooOOd mexican food.
The smothered burrito is my fave!

*Took the kids to see Ice Age:Continental Drift.
You can't go wrong with the Ice Age series.  They're funny!
Especially John Leguizamo as Syd. He's hysterical.

*The kiddos had a sleep-over at Aunt Tori's.
Needless to say...they didn't want to come home in the morning.
They LOOOVE spending time with their relatives!!
Joe and I watched TV, vegged out and slept in.  It was bliss.

* We attended my nephew Mitch's baptism.

Mitch. Carson. Grant

It's always such a neat experience watching someone get baptized!

*Attended church and taught THIS lesson.

*Tried to take a nap.
{TRIED} being the key word.
London had other ideas for she and I.
Needless to say, it was an hour and a half wasted of falling asleep, waking back up and trying to fall back asleep again.
 {I'm getting a padlock on my bedroom door!}

*Had some of our favorite friends over for Sunday dinner.
We made THESE tacos.
They made homemade Butterfinger ice-cream for dessert.
It was de-lish!
The weather was actually so nice and breezy outside that we sat out on the front porch while the kids played around us.

I love nights like that.
It's the perfect way to end the weekend!

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