Sunday, July 8, 2012

Utah 2012

Another summer vacay has come and gone.  

We spent 10 full days o' fun in Southern Utah.....laughing, visiting friends, goofing around with cousins and PLAYING OUTSIDE...Which is {sorta} hard to do in Phoenix right now with this darn heat!

We LOVED every second of it and are {kinda} bummed to be back.

We started the festivities off with our good friends in Gunnison, UT.
We always have SO MUCH fun with them.

They took us 4 wheeling.
And tubing at the lake.
We met up with fun friends for dinner.
The kids tooled around on the dirt bike and Mustang convertible.
And we enjoyed EVERY second of it. did it again.  We had a BLAST! 

After our visit with fun friends, we headed up to Duck Creek, UT. One of my all time favorite places.

My family rented out a cabin for a week this year and we wished we could've stayed even longer!
{None of us were ready to come home.}

Things started off kinda rocky...

The Shingle Fire started just 5 mi. down the road from us and we kinda thought we were going to be evacuated.  {That would've REALLY sucked!}  Lucky for us...there were no evacuations BUT....we did go without power for 24 full hours.  Which...if you know us Lamoreaux' pretty much roughing it!

We passed the time by telling ghost stories, eating, eating and more eating....and you guessed it...playing outside. {Can I just say that I LOVE that it doesn't get dark in UT til 10:00?}

Once the power came back on we were back on track.

We visited Cedar City a few times....
{another one of my all time favorite places}
Bulloch Drug.
Main Street.
Went on lots of cousin walks searching for woodchucks and 'chick-munks'...

We celebrated the 4th of July.....

.....there's no better way to spend the 4th than in a small town!

Other highlights included:

Riding 4 wheelers with our fun cousins who came up to visit from SLC...

Playing games with Grandma.....

We have 2 new favorite games:  Spot IT and Name 5.
Buy em.  They're super fun. For all ages.

Shot bb guns.

Ate at some of my very favorite restaurants....

Pizza never disappoint.

We watched The Dancing on the Green at the Shakespearean Festival.... all time favorite tra-dish of ours.
Always entertaining....

And enjoyed the natural beauty all around us.

Until next year UTAH.....

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  1. I have a cabin in Duck Creek as well, one of the most beautiful places on earth! with so many things to see and do :)