Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Darling New FIND!

London in one of her new 'Wittlebee' outfits.

Last week I was contacted by a member of the Wittlebee team through my blog.
The employee that contacted me said she was a faithful reader, and wanted to ship me a complimentary box of their clothing.

Are you kidding me?
I was thrilled!  

I love getting mail as it is...and I was SO super excited to receive a package full of DARLING outfits compliments of Wittlebee.

So what is Wittlebee?  It's a new kids clothing company that hand selects and then ships clothes for your children, based on your styles and preferences, right to your front door!  For only $39.99 a month,  they send you a box with over $100 worth of cute outfits!

AND...you have the opportunity to talk to your very own stylist, to make sure you get items that MATCH what you like!

I don't know who was more excited.  London?  Or myself?

The clothing sent is BRAND NEW - NAME BRANDS.

{I love that they sent me a PURPLE dress for London with PINK and ORANGE flowers.  Right up my alley!! The brand of her dress is: Jenny & Me.

They also sent us 2 other outfits which we LOVED.  

Another being THIS one:

Brand - Greggy Girl

As if receiving all of this isn't fun enough...they package it all up super cute!

And if ya know me...you know I LOVE good packaging and presentation.

{You can check out more info HERE.}


  1. They found the perfect model! : )

  2. That top picture? The way her little foot is pointed up juuuuust so? KILLING me!


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