Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missionary package ideas.

Elder Rupa right before entering the MTC.

My nephew entered into the MTC {Missionary Training Center} two weeks ago.
{This is the place where all young men who have received 'Mission Calls' go to learn about teaching the Gospel to others... all across the world. } 

My nephew was called to Barcelona, Spain.
Yeah, he scored with that 'call'.  

Ryan and I have always been close. 
Since I grew up the youngest in my family {and might I add...the favorite!},
I kind of always treated him like my little bro.
Which is was no surprise, I got all teary eyed the week that he left AZ for UT.

We could not be more proud of him.
Since he is only in the MTC for a short while, we like spoiling him with letters and packages, as much as we can.
{Postage is MUCH cheaper to Provo, UT than it is to Barcelona}.

Now I'm no PRO on missionary stuff...but here's some ideas that I've recently learned:

Whoever thought of this is a genius.
This is a website that you can go onto, write your missionary a letter, and then THEY print it out and deliver it to the MTC mailbox THAT long as it's in by noon.  SO, technically, the Elders can get mail EVERY day from you if you'd like.  {Ryan says it comes just after dinnertime}. 

{I should mention...the Elders can't write you back on this....they can JUST receive mail through this}.

Just yesterday, we surprised Ryan by ordering him a dozen assorted Krispy Kreme donuts, sent directly to his room.
This website has ALL sorts of treats and goodies that you can send to your missionaries.
It's also BY FAR the least expensive place to order Krispy Kremes.
$14.99 with FREE delivery.
You'd spend that much on sending just a regular pacakge!

I have yet to order from these two websites but they have some FUN and YUMMY options and are reasonably priced as well!

And then...the other day, I found this cute idea for a 'GREENIE' missionary.

GREENIE = an Elder who is fresh out to the mission field.  New, if you will.

via Sometimes Creative

How fun would it be to send your newbie missionary a package full O' green??
I love the theme!!

I look at how emotional I got with just having MY NEPHEW leave on his mission.
I can't imagine what it will be like when MY OWN boys leave!!
Good thing I have awhile to prepare for that. 


  1. This is so great and such fantastic resources!
    You can see how proud you are of your nephew, he'll do great things in Barcelona:)

    I don't have a son yet (just a 9 month old daughter), but can only imagine the ugly cry that would come from me when my kids go on missions! Oh help.

  2. Here's another...

    This one is run by my very favorite YW leader! She delivers to the MTC but also to BYU, UVU and anywhere else in that vicinity!

    I hope he meets my niece Andrea...sorry...Sister Jorgensen!

  3. I LOVE your blog! I have been following for several months now, and have borrowed many ideas from you! I serve in the YWs in my ward as well. We're planning a "Back to School Night" and I was wondering if you would be willing to send my your back to school quiz, and your root beer treat handout? My email is THanks so much for all the fun ideas! Oh, also this morning I made your French Toast Roll-Ups for a breakfast group, and everyone LOVED them. I sent them all the link. :)

  4. Just came upon your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. You are so creative and fun! Trying to figure out how to "follow" you. (i've been out of the blogging scene for a long time now and am a bit rusty);)

  5. My son has been in Barcelona for 21 months. What city is Elder Rupa serving in? Great ideas for missionary packages!!!

    Also, I serve in YW too, could you send me the Rootbeer back to school handout? My email is Thanks!!


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