Friday, August 31, 2012

Places Id' Rather Be this weekend.

Labor Day weekend always stinks here in AZ.
It's always the time of year that I yearn to be somewhere else.
{Just for the weekend}.
All around the country, temperatures are starting to cool...
leaves are starting to slightly change..
And fall is in the air.

'Fall' is technically still like a month and half away for us Arizonans.
{And even though that's the case...I'm STILL starting to post fall and Halloween ideas on Monday. Because in my matter where you are...Fall starts on Sept. 1st}.

Here are some places I'd rather be on this long weekend:

Cedar City, UT
My parents are here this weekend.
They called this morning to tell me that it was 62 degrees and lightly raining.
My heart ached a little.  If it weren't so darn far away {8 hours to be exact} our family would be there in a heartbeat....watching the Shakespeare festival, playing football on the college campus, eating corn dogs at the Top Spot and having ice-cream at Bulloch Drug. 

We are going in exactly one month...
And I wish it were sooner.
Hands down probably my very most favorite place of all.
You just can't beat Disneyland in the fall.
I say I'm starting a countdown on our chalkboard for my kids...
but's for me.
Cannot. Wait.

Fairfax, VA
My good 'ole hometown.
I was born and raised there, ya know.
Fall in Fairfax is the absolute BEST.
And I miss it.
Joe and I were there 6 years ago for my highschool reunion and I think it's time we return for a visit.
Nothing beats Virginia's leaves...the smell in the air...and the crisp autumn breeze.

Nevertheless.....we will sweat it out this weekend and we will survive BECAUSE....
I  DO have this to look forward to:

Greer, AZ
In just 3 short weeks we'll take a long weekend trip with Joe's family up to the Eastern AZ mountains.
It is BEAUTIFUL there and I am giddy with excitement.
Maybe I'll start a countdown for THAT too.
For the kids of course.


  1. I am with you fall starts Sept 1st!! I put my fall wreath out then!!

    it's for sure getting chilly here now in the mornings..well, i guess i do live in Canada!!
    it's 53 here right now, and 77 for a high today!! LOL

  2. Yessssss! Come to Faaaaaaairfax! (Does it sounds like I'm whining? I'm not! I'm pleading!)


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