Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Wednesday.

* I am seriously tired of the DUCK FACES on FB. You know...the people who raise their arms up with their camera phones to take a picture of themselves...and then pout their lips out like a duck?  It NEVER looks good.  Or classy.  It just ends up looking plain silly.  And not in a good way. Can we start a boycott for these pics please??

* I thought I was Target's most devoted fan up until the other day when I was checking out and saw that the sales clerk lady had tattooed the red Target Bullseye on her arm.  Guess I need to step up my game.  That is some serious devotion.

* I have absolutely loved every second of the Olympics this summer.  {In fact, I've become somewhat obsessed with watching will be nice when they're over..just so I can start going to bed at a decent time again!} The thing I hate the absolute MOST about the Olympics though?  The female sportscasters who interview the athletes JUST AFTER they've either won the gold OR...lost terribly.  They always ask the most horribly obvious questions.  Like....'How did you feel when you touched the edge of the pool and knew that you'd won gold?' Athlete: Ummm...GREAT?!  Or.... how does it make you feel to know that you've trained your whole life for this and didn't quite make the finals? Athlete: crap?! Thanks for making me realize that?

It's always SO awkward.  And un-necessary.  Like, they really want to be answering questions after just competing in the Olympic event of their LIFE!

* Bob Costas on the other hand? TOTALLY likeable.  Don't you just want to pack him up in your pocket and invite him over for Sunday dinner?

*YOLO.  I honestly cannot stand this phrase. Who came up with it and why is it so popular?

* The other day I was behind a car in the drive-thru at Sonic.  {Shocker..I know!}  The man ordered an XL Diet CHOCOLATE Coke.  Seriously? How about just for-going the chocolate part and ordering a straight up sugary Coke?  Does the 'Diet' part really help with the chocolate?

* Speaking of fast food....the last time I was at Subway...I noticed a sign for NEW EXTREME LOADED NACHOS.  Is it just me or does this contradict everything having to do with their 'Eat Fresh' slogan?  Is Jared endorsing these?

* The other day I heard an ad on the radio that ended with 'for more details..check with your local travel agent'.  Travel Agent?  Do they even still exist?  When was the last time you used one??  I thought travel agents went by the wayside when expedia and travelocity entered the scene.

* {One of} the funniest things on late night TV right now is Jimmy Kimmel's 'Unnecessary Censorship' bit.  I swear. I die laughing everytime he shows one.  

* Why do waiters at a restaurant find it necessary to 'crouch down' to your level when they take your order? Does anyone else get creeped out by this?  There's something about a complete stranger squatting down to my eye level to talk to about food....that just doesn't sit right with me. Way too close for comfort!!


  1. I was just telling Tim that I can't watch the post win/lose interviews on the Olympics...its ruins it for me every time. And I love Bob Costas... and remember when servers at the restaurant used to like sit down by you in your both to take your order??!!?

  2. LOL I order a chocolate diet coke. Here is why. I like the taste of chocolate coke. Ordering a reg coke would not give me that chocolate taste. Ordering a reg chocolate coke would give me more calories and sugar then I want or need. So a compromise is a diet chocolate coke.

  3. I just got called as YW Pres today and have already read through all your YW ideas! How stinkin cute and fun are you! P.S. I had to look up what YOLO means! haha!


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