Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sleep Deprived.

 This image kept coming to my  mind last night in the middle of the night.
It was TOTALLY my family. 
Not the grandparents of course....but me...Joe...and all three kids.

Let me explain....

Do you ever feel like your bedroom becomes Grand Central Station in the middle of the night?
Like no one gives a flying fart if MOM gets woken up at least 20 times??

Here's a run down of how it all went down last night:

7:30pm - go to bed with kids.
I was EXTRA tired all day yesterday so I thought...hey..I'm gonna throw in the towel for the night and get rested up. 
{I'd have been better staying up til midnight like I usually do!} 
I should also mention, that since I was going to bed so early, I let London 'snuggle' next to me while we both fell asleep. This usually ALSO never happens.

10:00pm - Joe comes in to go to sleep and London has peed in the middle of the bed.
Joe's so tired that he places a towel on the pee spot and sleeps upside down so he doesn't have to face or smell the pee all night.  London goes back into her bed.

11:00pm - wake up because Joe has stolen my favorite pillow and the fan is on too high. 

2:05am - London comes into our room and insists that the hall light be turned on. And stay on.

2:20am - Grant comes in for a drink of water.

3:00am - I turn off the hall light because I can't sleep with it on. 
3:01am - London throws a raging fit for the light to be turned BACK on. How is she still up??

3:30am - Grant comes BACK in to tell me that at night, he has Spiderman vision and can see big black spiders crawling up his bed. 

3:31am - Grant crawls in bed with me.

4:00am - check on Carson..the only one still in his make sure he's not freezing and to turn off his fan.

4:15am - Grant needs me to turn on my cell phone light because he's bleeding. Bleeding?? Yup. He scratched his excema so hard that he's bleeding a tiny bit.  Being the good mom that I am I tell him to wipe it off with his hand and go to sleep. 

4:20am - I realize that Joe has managed to snore logs through all of this and I get kinda ticked.

5:00am - still ticked that I've been up all night and Joe has not...everyone finally falls back asleep. With the light on. 

7:00am - alarm goes off. Carson has now managed to creep into our bed as well.  Everyone is so tired that no one wants to get up for school. 

7:05am - I wake up Joe and inform him that he better get up after the night I've had!

Is there any wonder why I crave my first Diet Coke of the day by 8am???

Seriously....what the??? 

Alas... at 4:59am last night, right before falling asleep, I remember thinking.....

I am grateful for my bed.
I am grateful for my warm home.
And I am grateful...that... even though we looked like Charlie Buckets' grandparents last night....I always have THESE 4 constantly by my side...


  1. oooh how i can relate!!! I have 3 kids, not one of them slept through the night til they were 3 years old, yes, years, not months!! AND since my last 2 were 18 months apart, that makes 6 years+ of not one single night where i slept through the night.. fast forward, they are now 8, 6,4, and my 6yr old comes in every night ( she goes through phases), and i take her back to her bed... 10 mins later she is back, i get so tired i jsut let her sleep with me. Ethan (4) has laryngomalcia, ( a breathing condition), if he gets the slightest cold, he's up al night on his inhaler, so this happens alot!!!!!!!!!!

    good job they are so cute!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Hahahaha! I hate hate hate not getting enough sleep... but I love the Charlie Buckets image.

  3. You are living the American Dream lady! Family time with a good story to go along with the craziness:D

  4. Oh my goodness! This is my family exactly. One with spiders, one with the light, one ego wants to snuggle and then the baby who is in our bed anyway. I feel your pain.Love the realness!

  5. Haha! Yay! I thought we were the only parents who covered pee spots with towels when we were too tired.


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