Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things I Find Pin-Interesting...

If there was a 12 step recovery program for obsessive 'Pinners' on 'Pin-interest'
{as my hubs calls it},
My husband would FOR SURE enroll me.  
He seems to think I have a problem.
I beg to differ {smile}.

Here's some of my latest and favorite finds...
{you can FIND ME on Pinterest HERE}.

Making it Fun
How cute is this wreath made from styrofoam balls and covered in fabric??
It might just put all of my endless pieces of 'scraps' to use now...
Thinking it would be SO cute to make and orange and black one for Halloween...
the possibilities are endless!

recycle jars by painting the lids and adding decorative knobs. #crafts #jars
The Ivy Cottage
Jars...with spray painted lids and cute knobs attached.
How. Clever!

Don't worry...I'm not dreaming of Halloween....YET!
But these cupcakes with cupcakes liners made to look like witches hats?

SALE 10% OFF- Toddler Girl Ghost Costume with Tutu and Bow
As well as this GHOST tutu ensemble.
Must find London a white tutu asap to recreate this look in October.

The Pioneer Woman

Grilled Chicken Lemon Basil Pasta
Every recipe I've ever tried from this website is goooood.
Cannot wait to try this one out.

Crafty Moods
Love that this cute little teacher's present is made from a spray painted clay pot.
You could pretty much fill this up with ANYTHING!

The Purple Carrot
Joe and I soooo need this.
We spend at least a good hour a week looking for lost keys.  
I'm making one of these up and plastering it right next to our garage door/laundry room.
No excuses now!


  1. Instead of buying a tutu, you can make one. I've seen the tutorial somewhere on pinterest and it looks super easy.

  2. I totally need a 12 step program too! :)


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