Monday, August 13, 2012

This weekend:

* We got this sassy diva's first ever haircut...

And when I say 'haircut' I really mean 'trim'. 
She wasn't thrilled with the idea but a little mall time afterwards made it all worth it!

* Date night for Joe and I.
Dinner HERE.
I'm not usually a HUGE fan of this place but every once in awhile it hits the spot.
Dessert HERE.
Ya just can't go wrong with a Reese's blizzard.

*Relief Society breakfast on Saturday.
So uplifting.
We have the BEST ward ever.  We really do.

*Took the kiddos to see

The boys laughed their heads off.
I'm not gonna lie....I did too.
Those movies are just so darn cute.
London EVEN liked it.
{Although she may have liked the non-stop flow of popcorn and Mike and Ikes headed her way a tad better}.

* Saturday afternoon nap.
{I think I was only interrupted close to 5 times}.

* Dinner HERE with one of my long lost besties. 
{Hands down one of my very favorite places to eat mexican food in all of AZ},
So fun to catch up....laugh....cry...and eat together.
Thanks Linds! 

* Church + Meetings.

* Made THIS for dinner.
It's quickly become one of our favorites.
I {heart} my crockpot....especially on Sundays.

* AFV funniness.

*Kids tucked in bed and sound asleep by 7:30pm.

{I LOVE weekends}.

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