Monday, August 20, 2012

This weekend:

* Joe took the kiddos on a campout with our ward.  
{London and I opted to sit that adventure out.}

Dirt + shooting air soft guns + campfires = Right up their alley. 

As soon as they left...London and I got to work....taking a 3 hour nap.
We just couldn't resist!

*Dinner with my sister Tori at the OG.
Darn those breadsticks...1 or 2 always quickly becomes 9 or 10.
And their soup? TDF.

After dinner we headed across the street to Target and found ourselves DYING LAUGHING at THESE.  That's right...did you know they now have a whole section of greeting cards devoted to these hilarious photos??  We seriously laughed so hard we had to cross our legs!

*Breakfast burritos at Basha's for our Saturday morning breakfast.

Yeah, that's right. ..jammies out in public.  It's just how we roll sometimes.

*Cleaned out my:
Refrigerator, Freezer and Pantry.
Man it felt rewarding! Now I actually know what ingredients I have to cook with again! And how do things get so expired in my pantry so fast??

* Boys came home and were dirtier than all get out.  Still trying to clean the dirt out of Carson's fingernails.

* Made homemade pizzas for dinner.

* Uplifting-ness at Church.

*Lounged around the rest of Sunday in our jammies.

*Made our traditional Sunday chocolate chip cookies but spiced it up this time and added Reese's Pieces instead of choc chips.  {Warning:  you may be tempted to try at least 5 if you try this at home}.

*Sunday night visit from fun friends who shared diet beverages with us and some definite good laughs.

*Side Note: I realized after re-reading this post that our weekend was pretty much based around food.
It's a good thing that CALORIES don't count on the weekends, huh?

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