Monday, August 27, 2012

This weekend:

*I started the weekend off right by getting a pedicure with my mom.


* Joe and I hosted a GAME NIGHT at our house on Fri. night with fun friends.
We laughed and laughed.
And ate and ate.
Everyone brought an appetizer and I must share some of the yummy recipes soon.
We had SO. MuCh. FuN!!

*Mall time on Saturday.
Browsed through Bath and Body Works...their new fall scents are out!!
Not to mention their cute Halloween soaps.
I'm a sucker for those ya know.

* Speaking of fall...even though it's nowhere near here in AZ...I lit my first Gold Canyon candle of the season this weekend.  It made me giddy with anticipation for the weather change. My FAVORITE scent is Mulled Harvest.  This one was a Pumpkin Pie.  My kids came downstairs and told me that the house smelled like Halloween.  I was pleased!
*All of the adults in my family went out to dinner HERE on Saturday night to celebrate my mom's birthday. It's always so nice when we all get babysitters and go out together. So fun to relax and visit without chasing kids and cleaning up spilled soda.

*Afterwards we headed back to mom and dad's for birthday cake!

Totally typical.  My mom serving HER birthday cake.
Where were the rest of us??
She is the supreme definition of SERVICE I tell you.
{I'll also be sharing the recipe of this cake that I made soon.  It was YuMmY and super easy!}

* Great time at church.
Talks given on family and the importance thereof.


*Orange Julius' at our neighbor's house.

*Made THIS for dinner.
Yes...another crockpot recipe.
My kids had seconds and thirds....they LOVED it!
We all loved it although I think I would double the amount of seasonings.
It seemed to be lacking for me {just a tad} in the flavor dept.

*Fun friends over for Sunday night dessert and chatting.
We are SO blessed with such good people around us.


Looking forward this week to: MORE birthday celebrations.  
Joe's sister, my sister and my dad's.
Bring on the festivities!


  1. I love your weekend post!!

    I love gold canyon too, two of my most fav's are perfectly pommegranitte, and ginger lime, i remember when my friend siad i just HAD to try it, thinking, eewww. the second i started burning it, i fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ps, How much are pedicures in AZ, i went to UT last year and i was amazed at the prices, i paid like $30... here you are looking at $75!!!


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