Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Movie Reviews.

Our little family is a BIG movie going troop.
We loooooove going to the movies.
It's one of our very favorite things.

We recently saw two family flicks that I feel the need to give 'reviews' on. 
{I always like knowing what other people think of kids movies before WE see 'em....which is why I'm sharing my 2 cents with YOU!}

My boys LOVED this movie.
{They love anything having to do with zombies right now}.

I however...would not recommend it. Personally.

Here's why.....

*It's incredibly 'scary' for the younger crowd. I'm super glad London wasn't with us on this one because we for sure would've had to wait out in the hall after the first 5 minutes.

*It says words like:  hell, jackass and wiener.  More than just once.

*It tries to be funny for the adults...but it just has things in it that are un-necessary.

The tricky part is that it's rated PG. So you think it's all fine and dandy. 
But would I recommend it to a BFF?  

We just saw this one on Labor Day...and it was SUPER sweet.
Cute story.
Cute actors. 
{How can you NOT love Jennifer Garner?}
Cut moral. is a TAD slow for the younger audience.
London and Carson were {sorta} bored with it half way through.
My recommendation is for 7 year olds and up.

Two movies that we are SUPER excited to come out:

This comes out in October and looks like the perfect 'kid friendly' Halloween movie.

The kids wanna see this one for two reasons:

1. They have a grandpa 'Ralph' and have already requested to see it with him.

2. It looks incredibly hilarious.

An added bonus is that it includes the voices of:

John C. Reilly
Jack McBrayer
Jane Lynch
Adam Carolla
Horatio Sanz
Mindy Kaling


{Now...if there was just a GOOD movie out for Joe and I to see tonight on date night....}

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