Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leadership and Pumpkins.

Last night I held a leadership meeting at my house for all of my cute Young Womens leaders.

Tis the season for all things PUMPKINS.....
so that was the 'theme' for the evening.

I handed out these pumpkins to each leader.  
LOVE the analogy...found it online.
We talked about how it's OUR job as leaders to help the girls see HIS LIGHT and SHINE.


Both yummy.
Both were my breakfast this morning.

I have a problem with people leaving my house empty  handed.
Which is why I sent them each home with a 
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcake.

I had high hopes of making these myself but...I ran outta time.
I picked them up from my very favorite cupcake store in town HERE.

Grateful for amazing leaders that I get to work with each week.
Blessed indeed.


Off now to relax in the mountains for the weekend.
Family time.
Cooler temps.
Can't wait.


  1. Such a CUTE saying! I would love to use this for a "Pumpkin Bash" we are doing with our beehives in October!

  2. Great theme for your training. Can I just say how much i LOVE that someone else does this for their board. Truly a kindred spirit. : ) I also may steal this one for my board meeting next month. Keep the fabulous ideas coming.

  3. Can I join your YW! You absolutely have a gift...your blog is by far one of my favorites! I only wish you were a lesson ahead of the time I'm reading your post it's too late to take inspiration from your handouts...any thoughts on Lesson 37?

  4. Could you please send me the file for your pumpkin handout. Thank you!

  5. Could you send me the file for your pumpkin handout?

  6. Could you send me the file for your pumpkin handout? TIA