Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

Never too young for some business in the front and PARTY in the BACK.

* Why is Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" this of my very favorite songs? Ever? As I listen to it now that I'm older I realize...there's literally nothing to that song EXCEPT a synthesizer. Thats it.  Why do we all love it so much?  And for as long as I live...whenever I hear will ALWAYS remind me of the episode of the Cosby Show when Stevie made an appearance.  Jammin on the one, jammin on the one...anyone??

* Fresh green chili hatches are in season and on sale pretty much EVERYWHERE here in AZ right now.  I LOVE the taste of them but here's the problem.  I have zero recipes for anything with them.  How do YOU use them? Does anyone have any they'd like to share?? Pretty please?

* Why, when we go out in public without any makeup on, do we feel the need to explain ourselves to anyone we run to why we look so shady? {For the record...I go out in public A LOT without getting ready for the day.  It's just how I roll.  I figure people who KNOW me...KNOW that I CAN get ready when I want to. Smile.}  Why we need to explain to our peers when we 'bump' into them...why we didn't seem to get our act together enough to shower and put on foundation?  We really shouldn't have to, right?  But we feel the need to.  Which is why I've {sorta} adopted the motto of: TAKE ME AS I AM. {Right?}

* Joe and I have a new guilty pleasure.  Her name starts with HONEY and ends with BOO BOO.  Have you seen this SHOW?? It's a train wreck that we just can't seem to turn away from!!! We literally sat in bed the other night laughing hysterically at some of the episodes. 

* I've been occupying Hobby Lobby a lot lately. {Have you seen their Halloween stuff?? I'm waiting for their 40% off sale to start on all of it so I can snag some of their decor.  It's all AH-doRable!} Whenever I'm in there though and I see a dude shopping in there, by himself, I get the giggles.  NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT....because I'm all for crafty Men! Maybe it's just because my own husband would rather eat his own toenails than step foot in there.  ESPECIALLY without me.

* Something else I get the giggles at? {It doesn't take much people..} When I see a house with a FOR SALE sign in front that says "I'm Beautiful Inside".  Really??  How are people supposed to believe that?  Because I'm pretty sure that if the place were trashed inside and smelled like boogers, there wouldn't be a sign that read...."I look HORRIBLE inside and I'm going to need A LOT of work and upgrades done...but enter at your own risk".  I mean, really??

* Has anyone ever 'claimed an offer' on FB and had it really work?  I see these things pop up ALL THE TIME with friends claiming this or that....but the one time I tried to 'claim' didn't work.  Am I in the dark on this or something?

* Why do girls find the need to wear sweatpants with words written across their rear end.  I know some girls are more proud of their bums than others...but do we really need to see that your butt is PINK....or that you have lots of LOVE in your trunk?  I'm just gonna throw it out there that this trend needs to stop.  Because most of the girls wearing these pants...shouldn't.

* Justin Beiber is coming to town in 3 weeks and I'm still holding out hope that I can get myself  the boys and I tickets.  {Say... I only could get my hands on ONE ticket.  Would I be a creeper mom if I went by myself?  Don't answer that please. Desperate times call for desperate measures.}


  1. Oh Marci, I love reading your blog, it's so funny! Sorry I can't help you with the green chili hatches, since I have no clue what they even are? Are they just green chiles? Better look into it I guess . . . and Honey Boo Boo!! ha ha My kids are addicted to Big Brother lately . . . why oh why is there nothing worth watching on TV lately???

  2. marci, since Jake's family is from Southern Colorado they make everything with hatch green chiles! some of our favorites are green chili cheese burgers ( so good), bacon or steak and eggs with green chiles in the eggs, green chili and cheese cornbread, and, 1 of our favorites, chicken cream cheese enchiladas with green chiles!!!! we pretty much put them on everything in the fall. my advice is buy them super cheap when there in season and keep them in the freezer all year long!

    meghann horton