Monday, September 24, 2012

This weekend we:

...spent some time in Greer, AZ with Joe's side of the family.

It was everything I had anticipated.  And more. 
{The 70ish degree weather was B-L-I-S-S!}

Here are some of our very favorite things about the trip:

Grandma Marilyn's Nightly Devotionals

Every  night before bed, Grandma Marilyn had a special thought to share with us and a FUN surprise to give the kids.  One night she told the story of how her dad shot a bear while they were up in Greer...and the bullet went through one ear and out the other.  My kids have never been so attentive!  She gave them stuffed bears to remember the memory with.

Fishing at the Lake

The boys caught a real live crawdad.  It was gross.  And I don't quite understand how people in the south eat those.

The Game Room

The cabin that we stayed in was deluxe.  We each had our own room and off to the side of the kitchen was a gigantic game room with: a pool table, air hockey table, ping pong and video arcade system. The boys were in heaven. And I {almost} beat my husband in a mean game of air hockey. Almost.

Toy Cap Guns

Grandma surprised the kids one afternoon with toy cap guns.
It was hours of entertainment.

Feeding the Ducks at the Pond

Matching Family T-shirts

Joe's ever so talented sister Jenny designed matching t-shirts for all of us.
Everyone LOVED wearing them.  Except for London.  
Because they weren't pink. Or sparkly.
Go figure.

Spending time with the Coombs Cousins

Spending time with 
Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott

Celebrating Uncle Will's Birthday

We LOVE Uncle Will.  And HE loves cheeseburgers.
Hence..the attractive CHEESEBURGER shirt we gave him as a present.
{If you feel so inclined to buy one for yourself, you can find them at...
Wal-mart. Don't be jealous}.

Grant didn't stop laughing the ENTIRE weekend so long as Will was around.

Our family had a blast.
Thank you Marilyn and Scott for inviting us, planning it, and putting up with us!!

Memories were made and we are forever grateful!


  1. Looks ALMOST as fun as the Duck Creek cabin when the power went Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm still dreaming about your pancakes, Marci! Plus, we laughed the hardest during that clever game you came up with!! Greer + Coombs Family = FUN!!!